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Sophia Phelps 8B

No description

Stephen Spizarny

on 20 November 2017

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Transcript of Sophia Phelps 8B

Use of Poisonous Gases
By: Sophia Phelps 8B
The first gas attack was from the French Army.
Soldiers had to wear gas mask because it blistered their eye, skin, and lungs (mainly Mustard gas)
The Germans were the first to use gas in World War I.
In January 1915, the Germans fired shells loaded with xylyl bromide, and more lethal gas.
Soldiers wearing gas masks
1,000 Russians were killed because of the poisonous gasses
On April 24, a second gas attack, against a Canadian division and pushed the Allies further back.
France and Britain began developing more of their own chemical weapons and gas masks.
In 1917, the United States (who entered World War II) started developing more of their own chemical weapons.
Soldier during the war
In 1918, President Harry S. Truman was the captain of a U.S. field artillery unit that fired poison gas against the Germans.
Chemical weapons became more useful during World War II.
In 1990, the United States and the Soviet Union signed a contract to get rid of chemical weapons by 80%.
In 1997, the international treaty had been signed to ban the production of chemical weapons (after 2007).
In 1997, this had been ratified by 128 nations.
The Germans used poisonous gases to kill millions of people that were in extermination camps.
In the 1930s, Italy took on chemical weapons to use against Ethiopia, and Japan used them against China.
Toxic smoke has been used occasionally in warfare since ancient times, and in 1912 the French used small amounts of tear gas in police operations.
Soldiers wounded from poisonous gas attacks
Soldiers during the war with the gas in the air while wearing a gas mask
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