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Bill Clinton: Moral Faliure or Economic Sucess

My paper discussed Bill Clinton's life before his presidency, and the events that he is most famous for.

Jace Jenkins

on 28 April 2010

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Transcript of Bill Clinton: Moral Faliure or Economic Sucess

Bill Clinton: Moral Failure or Economic Success? Clinton's Childhood Born August 19, 1946 Birth Name: William Jefferson Blythe III Clinton loved to play the saxophone as a child Teen Years Two Key Moments in his life He attended Georgetown University
with several academic shcolarships Highlights of His Presidency Started the longest economic expansion to date Created over 22 million jobs during his presidency Highest homeowners rate Lowered Unemployment Lowered Crime Rate and added over 100,000 new cops Paid off the 360 billion dollar U.S. debt Turned the largest national debt into the
largest national surplus Clintons Mistakes By: Jace Jenkins Gennifer Flowers Paula Jones Monica Lewinsky Clinton's Legacy or Kathleen Willey
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