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Open Badges - Open Scotland

Seminar at ALT Scotland event, June 20, 2013

Grainne Hamilton

on 17 June 2013

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Transcript of Open Badges - Open Scotland

I don't know what an Open Badge is

I have been awarded an Open Badge
Open Badges Working Group
Grainne Hamilton
Open Scotland - ALT Scotland
June 20, 2013

Open Badges
What are Open Badges?
Why are the Jisc RSC Scotland
using Open Badges?
- engagement with RSC services
- participation
- contribution
- skills
- achievements
- peer support
What we did
- engagement
- attainment
- contribution
- peer support
Why the recipient has been awarded the badge
Open Badges site: http://openbadges.org/
Doug Belshaw's blog: http://dougbelshaw.com/blog/
Doug Belshaw's slideshare: http://slideshare.net/dajbelshaw/presentations
Grainne Hamilton's blog: http://www.rsc-scotland.org/eassessment/
Badge backpack
Metadata 'baked' in
Display and criteria
Displaying Open Badges
Click the title to go to the badge criteria
- Digital badges with metadata baked in
- Align to a standard developed by the community
- Part of the Open Badge Infrastructure (OBI) developed by Mozilla
- Flexible
- Anyone can issue
- Anyone can endorse
- Recognise wider range of skills and achievements
- Reward contribution, peer support, those who help others...
- Longevity
- Quality assurance
- Level
- Badge apathy
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