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"Night" Vocabulary

No description

Jeff Potter

on 4 October 2012

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Transcript of "Night" Vocabulary

"Night" Vocabulary diplomacy insinuate err indulgently oppressor surreptitiously anecdotes anti-Semitic liquidate regent waif optimism billeted sublime edict decree apparatus delusion unsentimental art or practice of conducting
international relationships to introduce or otherwise convey
gradually and insidiously to make an error or a mistake the act or an instance of indulging, gratification one who keeps others down by severe and unjust use of force or authority obtained, done, or made by stealthy means a short account of an interesting
or humorous event not expressing emotions or tender feelings discrimination or hostilities
against Jews or Judaism to put an end to; to pay off
settling of affairs one acting as a ruler or governor a homeless person, esp.
-a forsaken or orphaned child a homeless person, esp
- a forsaken or orphaned child a tendency to expect the
best possible outcome to lodge troops inspiring awe; impressive an order issued by an authority
- has the force of law + an appliance or device
for a particular purpose to deceive the mind or judgment
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