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No description

Nazim Uddin

on 20 April 2014

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Executive Summary

Current marketing situation
Happy dent has a range of toothpastes and toothbrushes that could take care of specific oral care needs. Happy dent toothpaste fights germs to protect teeth against cavities and gives strong teeth, fresh breath and healthy gums.
Market Description
Close Up

Competitive Review
1. Happy dent Strong Teeth
2. Happy dent Cavity Protection
3. Happy dent Simple White.
4. Happy dent My First Toothpaste.

Products Review
Happy dent toothpaste has over 100 distributors throughout the country and one in every thana in Dhaka city. Products are transported to the distributor through trucks. For distributors inside Dhaka the company uses trucks leased by other local shop which works as a Business Development Service. However happy dent uses engine boats for the distributors of Savar and Narshingdi.
Distribution Review

SWOT analysis
Primary Objectives
Secondary Objectives

Issue and Objectives

Happy dent is a toothpaste brand with a flavor that is minty derived from Sassafras. Happy dent is regarded as one of the leading product in oral care.
Market Description
Distribution Review
Competitive Review

Products Review
Action program
We will initiate a $200000 trade’s sales promotion campaign to educate dealers and generate excitement for the product launch in January

We will start an integrated print campaign targeting professionals and consumers. The campaign will show how quickly Happy dent users can accomplish tasks using oral recognition

Promotional Budget

Promotional activities

Total promotional expenditure/balance

Price is Premium
Purchasing motive Emotional/affective response
Main attribute Strong Teeth.

Pricing Strategy
Price is the sole factor in the marketing mix that generates returns. As the requisite audience is females, therefore, the price range for Happy dent should be according to the flavor, quantity and size of the tube. When setting the price, Happy dent should put into consideration all external and internal factors
Marketing Strategy
Pricing Strategy
Product Strategy
Marketing Communication Strategy
Product Strategy
The toothpaste has uniform look .
the personal satisfaction the toothpaste provides the user.

Its actual product feature is that it keeps teeth healthy and the breath fresh, and emphasis will be put on the latte

Marketing Communication Strategy
Happy dent s main direction will then be a pull strategy. This strategy can be used to invoke curiosity, inform the customer and eventually provoke purchase intentions
there is little need to use a push-strategy in order to influence channel buyers.
At first, all sales will go through Happy dent outlets.
Promotional Budget
Expected sales revenue £1,600,000
Advertising-to-sales ratio 8
Total £ allocated to promotion £200,000
Promotional activities
Magazine advertisements
Cost £68,550 Balance £131,450
Cinema advertisements
Cost £19,140 Balance £112,310
Outdoor advertising/posters Cost £90,000 Balance £22,310
Online advertising
Cost£12,000 Balance £10,310
Point of Sale (POS)
Cost £10,000 Balance £310
Total promotional expenditure balance
cost £199,690 Balence£310
Control and evaluation of the campaign must be performed, in order to determine the efficiency and effectiveness of the main promotional activities after 6 months. Based on all the objectives in this plan, we are able to post-test performance in terms of Happy Dent’s strategy and expectations.

The choice of media vehicles is based on both the quality of each medium and the need for a diversified campaign as well as the cost efficiency of each medium.Happy dent toothpaste is a frontier product, little is known about the acceptance among our target audience. Pre-testing, such as focus groups, can be useful reduce potential risks. Further, issues such as cash flow and marketing legislation are factors that might affect the marketing communication process, and should be evaluated separately.
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