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Earth Day

what teens can do

Ashley Gremillion

on 21 April 2010

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Transcript of Earth Day

Earth Day 2010 History What YOU can do! When you leave a room that no one else is in, flip off the light switch. And whenever you can, open your curtains to let in natural light instead of using artificial lights. Saving electricity helps reduce global warming. Turn off the Lights Before you go out on shopping excursions, throw a tote bag into your purse. Then, with every purchase, hand it to the cashier instead of making them use a new bag. Carry a tote Plastic water bottles are rarely recycled, and the water inside of them isn't much different from tap water. Instead, get a reusable bottle and refill it from the tap. Use a reusable water bottle When you're done using your computer every night, shut it down and unplug it from the wall before going to sleep. And get into the habit of unplugging all your electronic stuff when you're not using it. Appliances can suck electricity from the wall even when the power isn't on. Shut down and unplug Running the faucet while you're brushing your teeth uses two gallons of water every minute. What a waste! Turn it off in between toothbrush rinses. The earth will thank you.
Turn off the faucet Tell your Friends! If you catch your friend tossing an aluminum can in the trash or leaving the lights on, say something. If you can change someone's attitude about going green, you'll be doing twice the impact you can do by yourself. April 22, 1970: 20 million people participate in inaugural Earth Day activities around the United States. December 1970: U.S. Environmental Protection Agency established by President Richard Nixon in order to protect human health and safeguard the natural environment— air, water and land. Before the agency was founded, "the federal government was not structured to make a coordinated attack on the pollutants that harm human health and degrade the environment," according to EPA.gov. Today, the organization, which is based in Washington, D.C., has over 17,000 employees, 10 regional offices and more than 12 labs. 1972: Congress passes the Clean Water Act, which limits pollutants in rivers, lakes and streams. 1973: Congress passes the Endangered Species Act to protect animals and their ecosystems 1990: The 20th anniversary Earth Day celebrations go global, with participants in over 140 countries. 2000: Hundreds of millions of people in 184 countries celebrate the 30th anniversary of Earth Day, with a focus on "clean energy." 2010: April 22 marks the 40th anniversary of Earth Day
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