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Are smartboard's more than just a glorified projector?

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Alicia Nunamacher

on 2 February 2015

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Transcript of Are smartboard's more than just a glorified projector?

Please watch
What Is the Issue?
The device is being used for teacher assistance rather than for student academic development

Teachers do not feel educated on how to use this piece of equipment most effectively

Limits students participation to one student at a time

Lack of confidence in using the tool and technological difficulties can cause delays in instructional time
Summary of the Resource:
The utilization of these technologies depends on several factors.

An interview was conducted on the positive and negative opinions of teachers utilizing SmartBoards.

In summary the 15 teachers that considered the SmartBoard
useful for the visual, auditory, and
kinesthetic abilities.
Our reaction..
We believe there needs to be more teacher training in the use of SmartBoards.

Teachers need to structure the lesson around incorporating the students in the use of the SmartBoard.

If the teacher knows how to utilize the functions of the SmartBoard correctly it is an effective tool.

The SmartBoard is not just a projector, it was designed to be an interactive tool for kinesthetic use.
1. How can we as teachers, utilize the SmartBoard more effectively, to enhance students academic development?

2. How could we train teachers to master the kinesthetic use of the SmartBoard?

3. Do you believe that SmartBoards are an effective technological device in the classroom or a glorified projector? Why?
Benefits of the SmartBoard
Differentiated form of instruction

Incorporates technology into the classroom

Enhances the students' motivation

Provide a major contribution to students' learning processes

Incorporates the use of visuals

Great alternative for students with disabilities and language barriers
Is a smartboard more than just glorified projector?
Incorporates the power of computer technology into the classroom.
What did you notice in the video?
We noticed that the students were not able to utilize the SmartBoard to its maximum potential.
Our resource:

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