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The Witch of Blackbird Pond

No description

Jacqueline W

on 23 August 2013

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Transcript of The Witch of Blackbird Pond

Rising Action
Plot Development
Kit made friends with Hannah Tupper, a woman who lives near Blackbird Pond and is also called witch because she is a quaker.
In the story, Kit's Aunt Rachel said," You don't understand how sometimes evil can seem innocent and harmless. It is dangerous for you to see that woman."(Speare 100)
Kit was taken to court after she has been accused of also being a witch since she visited Hannah Tupper.
Since the town was a Christian town, Shouldn't they accept everyone as they are and not falsely accuse these girls for being witches because of their beliefs?
Overall, The town may be thought of as good, but may also be discriminating.

Jacqueline W, Anna C, Hannah G, Bryce Bekian
Mrs. Duby
English 8-4

Society and Social Rank
In The Witch of Blackbird Pond the social structure of Wethersfield's social classes can be dangerous. If anyone is different they become a social outcast. Kit Tyler was thought to be a Witch because she was different and associated herself with other different people. Kit was put on trial and almost sentenced to death because of her association with Hannah. Back then it was almost like society feared anyone who was different. Speare states that others stared at her in suspicion as though she had sprouted a tail and fins right before their eyes. To conclude the different classes of society are shown repeatedly throughout the book.

One similarity is that Kit Tyler is an outcast because she is new to America while Kino is also an outcast because he is just a poor pearl diver
Another similarity is that Kit and Kino both were wanted at one point in the story. For Kino it was after he killed the man and took the pearl whereas for Kit it was when she was accused of witchcraft.
My last similarity is that both Kit and Kino are thought of as different. For Kit it is that everybody thinks of her as strange just because she can swim and that she is friends with Hannah (who is thought to be a witch). Kino on the other hand is thought of as a rich man so people are jealous.

Some Differences with the Authors tones are that John Steinbeck likes to talk about the moods of the characters with songs while Elizabeth George Speare does not.

Similarities in the Narratives
Author's Tone and Style
Kit goes on the ship from the Island of Barbados to Connecticut to live with her Uncle Matthew, Aunt Rachel, and two cousins Mercy and Judith.

When Kit goes to the Meeting and William Ashby called on Kit after the meeting.

After Kit had ruined the school for the day with her cousin Mercy she runs to the Blackbird Pond and meets Hannah Tupper the “witch.”

When the towns people burn Hannah’s house down. Then try to send Kit to jail until Nat, her friend from the boat, and Prudence Cruff come and save Kit.

John Holbrook, a friend from the ship the Dolphin and Mercy marry each other, Judith and William marry each other, and Kit and Nat marry each other.
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