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Leather Back Turtles

No description

Chiara Christo

on 1 August 2013

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Transcript of Leather Back Turtles

photo credit Nasa / Goddard Space Flight Center / Reto Stöckli
Leather Back Sea Turtles
Where is your animal
If this Animal became extinct,
what would the effects be ?
Leather Back turtles have a big part in the oceans, because if we didn't have Leather Back turtles the population of jellyfish would over populate and there would be more risk in the oceans and less fish causing a ripple affect.

How does this animal interact with others?
The hatchling's make for the sea after emerging from the nest, and they are not seen again until many years later when the adult females, have found a safe home for her eggs. Nobody ever see's a half way grown leather back turtle, and no reports have come from sailors or fishermen.
What does this animal need
to survive?
Leather Back Sea turtles are mainly found in the tropic & temperate waters such as the Atlantic, Pacific, Mediterranean sea, as well as the Indian ocean. Adult leather backs also traverse as far as south New Zealand, and unlikely to see more than half a dozen in a season on the Pecore beach.
Leather Back turtles mainly need to live in the right habitat like safe and calm reefs, so this protects them from all dangerous species and or humans. They also need the right food to live on, but mainly soft bodies such as jelly fish and squid.
Why is this Animal
The main cause of Leather back turtles endangerment is entanglement, this is the main death of the Leather back along the W.A coast (untanglement in fishing gear). Turtles also take hooks and this has a big impact on the population. Fisheries also catch leather back turtles and green sea turtles in their nets, so fishing nets have an impact on many other species .
Interesting Fact !
Most fishermen and or sailors say that it is very rare to find Leather Back Sea Turtles at sea, because the female Leather Backs are usually finding a beach on which to lay their first clutch of eggs.
Images of

Did You Know ?
Leather Back turtles became endangered on June 2nd 1970!
This is a Leather Back
turtle just been born!
Are There Any
Questions ?
Did you know ?
When baby Leather Back Turtles are born they are only
4cm long ! and 3cm wide !
Google & WWf
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