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Celtic Mythology

No description

arthur mouw

on 4 February 2011

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Transcript of Celtic Mythology

Celtic Mythology Creation Myth The story starts with Eiocha. born from the ocean foam, she is the first living thing on the Earth. There soon grew a tree. Next to the tree was a bush with many berries. Eiocha ate the berries to stay alive, and inside of her they turned into her son, Cernunnos. In pain of childbirth, Eiocha ripped bark from the tree and threw it into the ocean. This became the water giants. Eiocha and Cernunnos had four children. All gods. Their names were Maponos, Tauranis, Teutates, and Epona. Eiocha then went back to the sea and became the sea goddess Tethra. The gods on Earth were lonely, so they made the first humans Out of the wood of the tree, they also made Animals, weopons, and musical instruments. The giants of the Ocean were mad, for they had no people. so they planned an attack The gods had been warned however, by Tethra. So they were waiting. The giants were eventually pushed back into the ocean and banished forever. One family of humans lived through the fight. They ar e the founders of the Celtic people The End Dadga's Harp It starts with Dagda. At this point he was ther ruler of all Celtic gods. Considered the Good God. Dagda owned a harp. It went with him everywhere. Even to battle. At one battle, the 2nd Moytura, he discovred that his harp was missing. Both his harp, and harper were captured during the fight. He left with his son to reclaim it. As they approached the hall of their enemies, they could hear them partyimg. Dagda jumped in and called for his harp. The harp flew across the room, killing 9 men on its way He played the songs of sadness and slumber and maid the men cry, and then fall asleep, then they stole away. The land of Celts 400 BC The celts were a varied people. Brought together by language and religion. Major Gods Dagda God of good. Also god of life and death. Epona The horse goddess Lug God of the sun. The End Bibliography For the Creation Myth Druidry.org For the picture of Eiocha michaelmata.blogspot.com For the map wesleyjohnston.com The Second Myth livingmyths.com For The Gods mythencyclopedia.com
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