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Leenez- by Lily and Sheenez

No description

Elizabeth Harris

on 7 June 2016

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Transcript of Leenez- by Lily and Sheenez

Planet Leenez is 1.2Au from the sun. This is because Mercury is the closest planet to the sun and it gets poisonous rays from the sun which means life can not exist on Mercury. Planet Leenez is positioned between Earth and Mars because they both can contain life that means that they must have enough: Sunlight, oxygen, gravity etc. If Planet Leenez was too far from the sun, sunlight wouldn't reach it so plants couldn't grow which means no oxygen, no life. Planet Leenez has just shorter days then Earth because Planet Leenez spins on it's axis just faster then Earth and it doesn't get as much sunlight.
What's the climate on the plant? Why is this important?
The atmosphere is a big blanket which protects earth of insulation. It absorbs heat from the sun and keeps the heat inside the atmosphere helping earth stay warm which is called a green house effect. It also keeps the overall temperature of Earth fairly steady, especially between night and day so we don't get too cold at night and not too hot during the day.
What's the atmosphere going to be? Why is the atmosphere important for our planet?
What is needed on this planet for life to exist?
Planet Leenez
By: Lily Smith & Sheenez Menezes
Does it have any moons? If so how many?
Can water be accessed ? Why is this important - What form is the water?
Planet Leneez does have water in a liquid form. If planet Leneez didn't have access to water it would not be a habitable planet. Water is very important because life can not exist without water. Scientist believe that on Mars there is frozen water in the core, but the planet is too far from the sun so it can't melt. Planet Leneez's water turns into a liquid because it is close enough to the sun that it can melt any frozen water like Mars.
How far is it from the sun and why
Climate is very important because if it is like Mercury, Jupiter or Uranus you would freeze . This is because during the day it can get up to 2,300C and then drop to -215C at night. Plant Leenez's climate climate is the same as Earth because Leenez spins on it's axis the same pace as Earth's axis. On planet Leenez the seasons are caused by revolving around the sun.
Planet Leenez has a thin layer of atmosphere. If the atmosphere was too thick no oxygen would get in but if thee is no atmosphere poisonous rays from the sun where no human life could exist. Planet Leenez has a breathable atmosphere which includes: oxygen and water vapour. Planet Leenez has plants which consistently produce oxygen into the air. Unlike other planets, plants don't grow because sunlight doesn't reach it. If there is no plants on a planet there is no oxygen. Planet Leenez has a small amount of carbon dioxide which is a poisonous gas. Planet Leenez has enough oxygen to make sure that the poisonous gas doesn't have more than oxygen. Unlike Venus , Venus' atmosphere is made up of carbon dioxide and a very small amount of oxygen therefor it is not a habitable planet. Planet Leneez has liquid water because sunlight can reach the whole planet. Unlike Mars that doesn't have liquid water. It has frozen water in the core but not enough sunlight, and heat can reach it so it can't melt.
Planet Leneez has one unlike Jupiter that has 67 moons. This means on one side of planet Leneez it will be night and on the other side it would be day. The moons gives us gravity which keeps everything on the ground and without the we wouldn't have any food because the wouldn't be any gravity to keep it on the ground. The gravitational pull from the moon controls the tides. On Jupiter since it has 67 moons the waves are really big because the gravity level is very high with 67 moons.
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