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English Forensic League of Puerto Rico

No description

Francisco Díaz

on 15 October 2014

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Transcript of English Forensic League of Puerto Rico

Oratorical Decamation
The League Competitions will be held once a year, during the second semester, at a date chosen at the first League meeting in September.
The word:
Oratorical Declamation
(no chair is used)
Selections must have been delivered by a non-fictitious speaker to a live audience.
The original selection must have been written by the student delivering it. The speech must be of original nature; it may not be used as a mere research paper.
Humorous Interpretation
Selections must be monologues or fragments of dramas, essays or novels of a
English Forensic League of Puerto Rico
The word "forensic" is an adjective meaning "of public debate or argument." The word is derived from the Latin word
, meaning "of the forum."

The maximum number of contestants per school is twelve (12) students. Three (3) students per category.
Participants must be 9th to 12th grade students from participating member schools.
Dramatic Interpretation
Humorous Interpretation
The English Forensic League of Puerto Rico prepares high school students in the mechanics of the English language, through participation in the interscholastic competition in public speaking and in the dramatic arts.
The only prop that may be used in the dramatic, humorous, and original category is a chair. No other props are permitted.
All speeches, except in the Original Category, must be taken from published literature.
Internet published pieces are permitted; audio or video tapes with copyright as well.
The timing for all categories is from four (4) to nine (9) minutes.
Dramatic Interpretation
Selections must be monologues or fragments of dramas, essays or novels of a
dramatic nature.
The speaker must deliver the words persuasively and with appropriate feelings, gestures, and facial expressions while remaining upright on two feet.
The speaker
may not
impersonate the original speaker or react to another speaker.
The speaker should deliver the speech as if it were his/hers without characterization.
Necessary explanation such as setting for the scene may be given, and its inclusion is contained in the timing.
The selections consist primarily in the recognition and expression of peculiarities, oddities and absurdities in a situation, action or character.
The content of the piece shall be the individual's choice.
Plagiarism is unacceptable and it will be dealt with according to the constitution of the league.
According to the League's Constitution:
Further Questions...
This year's competition will be held Saturday,
April 25th 2015
@ Colegio Puertorriqueño de Niñas.
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