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Coors Murder: Forensic Evidence

No description

Emma Swabb

on 14 May 2013

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Transcript of Coors Murder: Forensic Evidence

Emma Swabb, Josh Jackson, Billy Fries, Stephanie Foster Coors Kidnapping & Murder: Forensic Evidence Summarizing the Case From Last Week What Forensic Evidence was
Found at the Crime Scene? Puddle of blood on the ground
Splashes of blood on the railing
Human blood
Unable to match blood to Coors or
the perpetrator
No record of Coors' blood type
No tests available for DNA typing of blood yet Ransom Note Dissected Able to identify the stationary and typewriter
Eaton's Diamond White Bond Berkshire paper
Royalite portable typewriter
Both items traced to a store in Denver
Positive ID from store clerks
Typewriter purchased under the name "William Chiffins" on October 8, 1959
Phony address given A Look Into Corbett's Purchase Records Suspect car traced to Denver used car lot
Purchased under the name "Walter Osborne" on January 8, 1960
Engine serial number from burned car in New Jersey confirmed his ownership of yellow Mercury
"Osborne" purchased mail-order revolver from Maine
Handcuffs, leg irons purchased from same mail-order company
Tent and tent poles purchased by Osbourne Fingerprints Help Connect Corbett & Osborne Fingerprints found:
In the apartment of "Walter Osborne"
In the scorched car registered to "Walter Osborne"
Both matched to..
Driver's license record of "Walter Osborne" in Colorado
Arrest record of Joseph Corbett from California Soil Analysis Places Corbett at Crime Soil samples collected from beneath fender of burnt car
4 layers of soil found:
- Outer layer - New Jersey dump where car was found
- Layer 3 - soil from where the body was found in
- Layer 2 - soil from near Coors' house
- Layer 1 - soil traced back to Golden, CO Corbett Leaves Behind Evidence in Toronto Fled Toronto after news had reached the city of Coors' murder
Left before being recognized by co-worker
Wanted signs distributed to Canada, "Reader's Digest" article with photo
Book, "Anatomy of a Murder" found in his abandoned apartment
Plastic wallet, license, union card from California also found with Osborne alias Eyewitness testimony
Blood from scene of the crime
Typewriter - ransom note
Purchase records
Soil analysis
Items left in Toronto hotel
Trace evidence Eyewitness Testimony
is Utilized Cecily Coors reported seeing a man with a rifle on the bridge
Local residents asked to recall details of unknown cars seen prior to kidnapping
Turkey Creek women recalled seeing yellow Mercury (AT62) and heard gun shots
Co-worker in Toronto recognized photo Blood is Found on the Bridge Ransom note sent to Mary Coors - no exchange
Aliases: Walter Osborne, William Chiffins
Botched kidnapping, "Big Score" Discovering the Remains and Analyzing Trace Evidence Coors' clothing found in dump where body was discovered
Two holes in the same position of jacket, shirt, undershirt
Bullet holes matched up to those in scapula
Also found the rest of his skeletal remains
Body identified by dental records
Gun powder residue found on jacket near bullet holes
Gun was either touching his back or very close to him Tying the Case Together Corbett attempted to kidnap Coors on his way to work in February 1960
Struggle with kidnapper, Coors shot twice in back
Intention was to kidnap to solve his financial problems
Ransom note sent to the family, no exchange made
Manhunt for fugitive on FBI's Ten Most Wanted
Typewriter and stationary examined and linked
Fingerprints and purchase records connected Corbett to aliases
Soil analysis placed him at the scene of the crime
Found and arrested in Canada
Paroled multiple times
Died of self-inflicted gunshot wound
to the head in August 2009
Massive manhunt, international
Coors IV founded Christian-based
organization Was the Forensic Evidence Essential to Corbett's Conviction? Never confessed openly to crime during interrogation
Refused lie detector test, remained silent
Pleaded not guilty
Prosecution did not seek death penalty
Evidence was necessary in his conviction
Forensics vital to his life sentence for 1st degree murder Works Cited Barry, Michael T. "Adolph Coors III Is Kidnapped - 1960." Crime Magazine. N.p., n.d. Web. 11 May 2013.

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