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Journey through Niagara University

No description

Namrata Soni

on 17 December 2012

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Transcript of Journey through Niagara University

By: Namrata Soni Journey through Niagara University OCT Standards Resume Commitment to Student and Student Learning Continues Ongoing Professional Learning As a teacher it is important that we use the knowledge of Bloom's Taxonomy when asking questions to students in order to figure out their level of understanding. The second picture is something that I used during my first practicum when doing any language lesson. I used key words from the Bloom's taxonomy to ask questions to students which helped me to understand what level they were at based on Bloom's taxonomy. The last picture shows the KWL chart that we made as a class when we were learning about Canada's trading partners. This picture demonstrates that as a teacher I was reflecting on what the students wanted to learn in the unit and planning my lessons according to the needs of the students. Professional Knowledge Cover letter and resume is on the word document - Commitment to Student and Student Learning
- Leadership in Learning Communities
- Ongoing Professional Learning
- Professional Knowledge
- Professional Practice Commitment to Student and Student Learning Teaching students how to find the lines on symmetry on various shapes by getting them to come up to the chart paper and using a mira on a shape to find the line of symmetry for that specific shape. These pictures demonstrated commitment to student and student leaning by giving them various kinds hands on experience throughout their learning process and getting them to work their way through problems by using various techniques. Displaying work done by students to show their progress in a specific unit Leadership in Learning Communities Demonstrated leadership by taking charge of the leadership week activities and helping the students prepare a banner for the "Leader In Me" parade based on the 7 habits program that the school was involved in. Leadership in Learning Communities Continues Beryl Ford Public School Fernforest Public School Demonstrating leadership by playing Quidditch with the students to help them stay fit. I also displayed leadership in my placement during the Remembrance Day assembly by working with the students to make a wreath and getting the classroom ready to remember the soldiers who fought for our country. Using various kinds of tools to promote ongoing professional learning such as graphic organizer and a checklist to teach and assess students about what they have learned. Ongoing Professional Learning continues Displaying different kinds of graphic organizers that students have completed when learning about animals. Throughout my placements I researched different kinds of graphic organizers that I can use to teach students so they can learn how to present their information in a unique way. Students worked in groups to prepare these graphic organizers to teach their classmates about the animals that they had to learn about. Professional Knowledge continues Used my knowledge about book reports to teach students how to write a beginning, middle and end of a book using a graphic organizer Gathered information about different kinds of toys that use force and helped students build their toy for the science fair. This video is of a toy called vortex that a student has prepared for the science fair. By giving this hands on kind of experience to students, they were able to easily understand the kinds of forces that were used in this toy. Professional Practice Demonstrating a few pictures from the slide show that I made for students to test their knowledge about warm and cold colors. As part of professional practice it is important that technology is used in a variety of ways to enhance the students' education. Professional Practice continues Demonstrating the different kinds of resources that were used to enhance students' knowledge and education. When learning about pioneers, students went on a trip to Black Creek Pioneer Village. The pictures from the trip shows how resources in the community were used to help students learn something about pioneers. Other resources such as colors, magazines and even newspapers were used to teach students new and interesting things such as healthy eating and line art. http://www.quickmba.com/mgmt/7hab/ http://www.cbv.ns.ca/sstudies/links/learn/1414.html Providing manipulative for the kinesthetic learners OCT Standards - Commitment to student and student learning
- Leadership in learning communities
- Ongoing professional learning
- Professional knowledge
- Professional practice Beryl Ford Public School Fernforest Public School Pictures used to help the visual learners see the difference between warm and cold colors. This trip helped the students who were auditory learners because they got to hear about pioneer life and learn from it. Video of teachers and students playing the Quidditch game
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