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The Roles of the President



on 10 April 2012

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Transcript of The Roles of the President

The Roles of the President SSCG12 TSW analzye the various roles played by the President of the United States. Dream job or nightmare? What roles of the president are more reliant on personality than intellect? The Commander in Chief S - tate
C - itizen
A - dministrator
L - egislator
P - arty
E - xecutive
D - iplomat

M - anager of the
E - conomy Chief of State Ceremonial roles like lighting of national Christmas tree, giving awards and medals, and meeting important public figures. Chief Citizen aka Representative of the Nation
He represents the BEST of America:
family, morals, and lives an inspirational life Chief Administrator Of the entire Executive Branch (3,000,000 people!)
Appoints over 2,000 top level federal officials
May remove from office those they have appointed Chief Legislator Mentions key legislation in annual "State of the Union"
Veto power
Political favors for congressional support Chief of Party Political Patronage: appointing members of party to key positions in new gov't
Gives speeches and fundraisers on behalf of members of party running for office Chief Diplomat
(Chief Foreign Policy Leader) Signs treaties (with 2/3 Senate approval, Treaty of Versailles)
Executive Agreements- pacts between the president and head of a foreign country (do not require Senate consent)
Recognizes foreign governments Chief Executive Executive Orders - rules that have force of law, issued by president to spell out details of congressional laws
They also grant....
C - ommutations (shortens)
R - eprieves (delays)
A - mnesty (group pardon)
P - ardons (legally forgives) Commander in Chief Makes key military decisions (use of atomic bomb, retaliation after 9/11)
Generals and other military leaders make day to day decisions
Keeps order in US during riots, natural disasters, etc. Manager of Economy Ever since FDR's "New Deal", president's have had responsibility of managing economy by promoting high employment and production
ex: Stimulus Package 2009
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