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Alone we can make a difference.. together we can move mountains

Alastair Blane

on 14 May 2010

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Transcript of COME TOGETHER 21.04.10

Alone we can make a difference TOGETHER we can move mountains The INTERACTIVE campaign show celebrating PEOPLE POWER come
together A national anthem for england save the great british pub another bank holiday for britain the movie sequel we've always wanted a new statue for london A no. 1 record without the fame game free power for old fogies more green in our cities we start the campaigns online you get involved..

a national anthem for england There's a British National Anthem, a Scottish one and a Welsh one - so why not one for England? We'll mobilize our campaigners to get our very own National Anthem written, recorded, approved and taken to the hearts of the nation. save the great british pub Too many people are spending their evenings at home, glued to the X-factor rather than coming together for a good old fashioned chat down the pub. These great British institutions are closing in their droves. We'll get our campaigners together to bring people back to the pubs and help save them from extinction. another bank holiday for britain We've got less national holidays than most of our European cousins - but don't we deserve a break as much as they do? We'll pull together the masses to agree on an identity for our new bank holiday and then rally for approval. a new statue for london Churchill, Nelson, Wellington - the great statues are all there for us to admire in the nation's capital. But surely we've spawned a few heroes in modern times? Let's come together to decide which of our modern heroes deserves to get immortalized in stone this year - and let's get that statue commissioned, created and in its rightful place somewhere in the heart of London. a number 1 record without the fame game The charts are dominated by manufactured 'bands' and reality show clones. Let's go out and find stars who haven't darkened the doors of the Britain's Got Talent and let's get them recognised for their own music and not their image. the movie sequel you've always wanted Did we ask for another Legally Blonde? Did we cry out for Dr. Doolittle 2? Some of the best films ever surely deserve a follow up? We call on our campaigners to decide on the most sequel-worthy film ever and we'll get together to get it made. anatomy of a campaign Every campaign starts life online
Every campaign is spearheaded by a celebrity
(Every campaign has a brand sponsor?)
bringing people together... through online networks
from existing groups: clubs, societies, organisations
and through publicity campaigns to get creative with.. publicity stunts
campaign anthems
viral films
flash mobs
public votes...
then comes.. the event tv Gathering our hardcore campaigners together for an audience with our celebrity crusaders as they look back over each of their campaigns.

Each show - part documentary/part studio show - focuses on a different campaign.

And each campaign will be topped off with an exciting BIG event as a final push. 8 shows
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