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Why I Love My Best Friends

No description

Melanie Wildenboer

on 21 March 2015

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Transcript of Why I Love My Best Friends

Why I Love My Best Friends
By: Melanie Wildenboer
One: They're awesome!!
I can't ever be mad at them cause they'll find a way back into my heart.
One day:
Next Day:
Two: They will murder anyone who hurts me. physically or emotionally.
If someone breaks my heart or insults me..they will hunt them done and beat them into a pulp.
Three:They care SO much about me
if I told them I cut my arm or starved myself. they would literally force me to eat or stay a week or a month at my house to check on me everyday.
Four:They can put up with me. That's an accomplishment in it's self.
Five: They always make me smile no matter what.
I can always find myself smiling, giggling, laughing when I'm around them.
That's always the best thing ever..
Six: They will comfort me at my worst, not matter what...they love me.
Seven: I wouldn't want to live my life without them.
Thank you guys so much for protecting me, helping me, making me smile at my worst. I'd never want any other friends then you guys. Just having you guys around always make me feel so..happy. Thank you for the greatest year of my life.
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