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Chipotle Boorito Fundraiser

No description

Cal Andersen

on 20 November 2014

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Transcript of Chipotle Boorito Fundraiser

Chipotle Boorito Fundraiser
Chipotle is selling burritos for 3$ to anyone that comes in wearing a costume after 5pm on Halloween. Their goal is to reach sales of 1 million doll
Chipotle Boorito Fundraiser
Question 3
How much money in burrito sales is Chipotle potentially giving up by running this promotion?
Question 2
How many 3$ burritos must be sold per hour at each location to reach 1 million dollars in sales?
Question:Do you think Chipotle will sell enough 3$ burritos to customers in costumes to reach 1 million dollars?

What we did: 700 x 0.4 = 280 x 1600 = 448 000
448 000 x 3 = 1 344 000$

Our prediction is that we have to subtract about 200 000$ since the sale opens half way through the day and might still have customers dining before the Boorito event.

1 334 000$ - 200 000$ = 1 134 000

Therefor we believe Chipotle will make 1 334 000$ on the Boorito event.

Each location = 280 3$ burritos over 5hrs
280 divided by 5 = 56
Therefor each location needs to sell 56 burritos
an hr.
Does this seem reasonable?
This is reasonable because they're only selling approximately 1 burrito minute which is busy but do able.
Question 4
The money from the Boorito fundraiser going to the
Chipotles cultivate foundation promoting free range animals
without chemicals and healthier vegetables from farms.
448 000 x 8 = 3 584 000
3 584 000 - 1 344 000 = 2 250 000

That means Chipotle is losing 2 250 000$
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