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The 13 Colonies

No description

Yuliana Alberto

on 5 October 2016

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Transcript of The 13 Colonies

The 13 Colonies
Yuliana Alberto
There were an independent states because in the west the British still controlled it.
Some interesting facts are John Winthrop was one of the founders, and it means large hill place.
Massachusetts was found in 1630.
New Hampshire

Found in 1638 and there is a country in England named New Hampshire also its major city is Concord.
Connecticut was found in 1636 the state came from a word called quinnehtukqut, and became a state in February.
Found in 1638 and it was named after a river "Delaware River", and became a state in December.
This state was found in 1732, it was the last 13 colony and named after King George the Second.
Maryland was found in 1633, it was found by Cecil Calvert original name was Province of Maryland.
New Jersey

Found in 1664, became a state in December and was once ruled by Swedish and Dutch
New York
North Carolina
Found in 1653, became state in November and used to be named Providence of North Carolina.
Pennsylvania was found in 1682, they used to grow hem, flax, rye, that was important to them and Benjamin Franklin was very important to this colony.
Rhode Island
It was found in 1636, Rhode Island was found by Roger Williams and home of three sugars.
South Carolina
Found in 1663,North Carolina and South Carolina used to share the
same Providence.
Found in 1607, found in Jamestown became a state in July 25.
Found in 1626 became an state in July became New York's state capital in January.
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