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The bully

No description

on 17 January 2014

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Transcript of The bully

The Bully
by Jonathon McGhee
Ms. Taylor 1st block

Chapter One
During this first chapter Darrell is saying his last good byes to his friends and his neighborhood.
Chapter 2

In this chapter Darrell and his mom are traveling to their new home in California where he first saw his new school Bluford. He also first met Tyray in front of a shop where Tyray steals his money
Chapter 3
This is where Darrel first meets Amberlynn,in a super market down the street from his apartment. He also found out that there had been bullying in his own family.
Chapter 4
In this chapter Darrel goes to his first class on his first day at Bluford. He also finds out that Tyray is in his 1st class. Darrel is also struggling with making friends.
Chapter 5
in this chapter he goes to his last 2 classes of his first day. His 2nd class goes by very fast but his last class is gym, his most feared class. Tyray is in his gym class, his last class of the day. After that class he went to go change and go home. As he went home he noticed that Amberlynn was up the street. As her friend left she went up to Darrel and started talking about her day. As thay talked Amberlinn left to go home. When Darrel got home he heard his cousin . They talked and his cousin left to go inside. When his mother got home she asked him to go get some oranges with a coupon. As he labored with the oranges Tyray came and took a knife and cut the bag and squished the oranges that fell out.
In this chapter an old woman came to help him with the broken grocery bag. She asked him to try to be a friend for a grandson of hers named Harold. At lunch he looked for Harold. He found Harold in a cafeteria corner. He asked if he could sit there and Harold said yes. They talked about teachers, lunch, and classes after that they went to their next class. When he went to gym he was afraid of going and when he got there Tyray started to make a scene until the coach came and broke up the fight. During track Tyray tripped and after that he took Darrell's clothes and ran off. After that Darrel had to go home only with a pair of musty jeans from the gym. After that day Tyray said he will need to give him 10 dollars every Friday or he can have a cast on his arm. On Friday he gave tyray 6 dollars and used some change he had in his old coin jar. He said "Next time I want dollars instead of change you hear me?" After that he feared almost everything at Bluford. The only person that was his friend was Harold. Darrell still felt guilty for giving his mothers money to Tyray. He decided to have a talk with his English teacher, Mr. Mitchell.
Chapter 7
In this chapter Darrell and Mr.Mitchell started to talk more and more. Mr.Mitchell gave Darrell a book and said that to grow you will need inner-strength along with outer-strength. Darrell went home and he did his daily push-ups and started to read Hatchet, the book Mr. Mitchell had given him to read. He read it and really related to this story and characters. On Thanksgiving day Darrell ate and ate and ate. He started to think that he might have been getting bigger. After he finished the book he started to think of ways to become stronger but that only made more questions.
Chapter 8
In this chapter Darrell went to school and could not think about the classes he went to. All he could think about was about trying to change. As he went to lunch he saw a poster for wrestling. He went to the recruiters office after he talked to Harold about joining. Darrell asked to join and they said yes and they talked and then he got a form and brought it back to the coach and signed up. After that he went to talk to Harold to talk about how he might have made a mistake then they started to talk about Amberlynn. Then he went down to his first wrestling practice. He saw Amberlynn as he went down to the practice. When he got to practice the other guys on the team picked on him but he practiced even though he tried and failed most of the time. Then he did painful drills. Then he practiced his wrestling skills. Then he had to lift people up a flight of stairs. Then it was over and he went home and he ate almost half the leftovers he had left. Then he went to do his homework and then he went to bed. When he got up the next morning he felt like he aged 50 years in one night.
in this chapter Darrell learns to use more wrestling moves and has climbed to the top of the rope. Later that day he went to the super market and he saw one of Amberlynn friends, Jamie. They talked about how Amberlynn liked Darrel. She asked Darrel to come to the freshman dance. He had to go to his first wrestling match after all of his classes. Because of his size and weight he was one of the first ones to go and start the game. He won the first round but then he lost the other 2 rounds which meant he lost the match. After the match he walked away when his uncle started criticizing Darrel and they argued with each. Darrell stormed back to his house.

Chapter 9
In this chapter Harold and Darrell are talking about the wresting match at lunch in the cafeteria. As they are talking Darrell notices an old cafeteria worker trying to clean up a spill. Darrell offered to help and he introduced himself and she introduced herself. When he went back to his table Harold said that Amberlynn had been watching him while he helped the old lady. Then they talked about the dance. Then they shook hands and agreed that they would go to the dance
Chapter 10
As Darrel got to the dance with Harold they talked about how the hallways looked like a prison not a high school dance. When they got inside they started to look for Amberlynn. When they spotted her Darrel went up to talk to Harold and they talked about his first wrestling match and the argument they had earlier in English class. Then the music softened and Darrell and Amberlinn started to dance. After a few minutes he spotted one of Tyrays friends and when he ran out and a large hand gripped his neck and threatening him to give him all his money. Darrell gave him his money and then Tyray and his gang threw Darrell into the bathroom trashcan.
Chapter 10 continued
In this chapter it is the winter break. During the break he spent the holidays with his uncle and cousins. It is also the first Christmas without his friends in Philly. One day after wrestling practice he heard the yells of his cousins and as he went down to see what was happening he saw that his oldest cousin was sitting on a wooden trunk with Nate stuck in the trunk. Darrel threw Travis off the trunk and took the key and got Nate out of the trunk. His uncle came down and yelled at Travis and told them to go. After that he told Darrel he was sorry for the advice he had tried to give Darrel. A few days later Darrel was sitting on the couch with his mother eating mint ice-cream making promises for the new year. The only promise Darrel had was to stop paying Tyray.
Chapter 11
Chapter 12
During this last chapter Darrel decides to not pay Tyray his lunch money. During lunchtime for the first time in months he finally got to buy his own lunch. When he was walking to his usual spot Tyray pretends to trip and then he knocks his tray down splattering food all over him. Then Ms.Bea came out to clean Darrells tray. Then Darrel went to go help he heard Tyray and his friends laughing in a furious storm of laughter. Then Darrel bubbled with rage then yelled back at Tyray. Then a fight broke out between Darrel and Tyrays friends. As the fight started he started to think instead of fighting he said to himself I will wrestle not fight. Then Darrel charged at Tyray and went under Tyray but Tyray started to pound on Darrel but the were weakly powered and then Darrel lifted Tyray and threw him on the ground and shattered his wrist. He was sent to the office and he told his story and he cried with tears of joy, anger,and sadness all at once. He came out and went to his locker at the end of the day. At that time all of his new friends came and then he went home with his new new friends.
Here is song that can relate to this topic
Thanks for watching :)
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