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Outsiders prezi for Faith, Liz, and Hunter

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Faith King

on 8 February 2013

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Transcript of Outsiders prezi for Faith, Liz, and Hunter

The Outsiders' Obstacles Johnny's Journey Dally's Difficulties External Conflicts: Internal Conflicts: How He Changed Internal Conflicts: How he Changed External Conflicts: Ponyboy's Path External Conflicts:
1. To begin with, in chapter 1 it explains that after the death of Ponyboy’s parents, he has to emotionally deal with the tragedy that happened to not only him but his 2 brothers Sodapop and Darry as well.
2. Secondly, in chapter 3 when Ponyboy arrived home late from the movies his brother Darry screamed at him for forgetting how late it was ("I didn't mean to! I didn't think! I forgot! That's all I hear from you! Can't you think of anything?") This then made Ponyboy ponder in his mind whether or not his brother really loves and cares about him.
3. Lastly, in chapter 4 when Ponyboy almost drowned from the Socs it created more negative emotions inside of him towards them as well as some fear. External and Internal Conflicts are RESOLVED!

External Conflicts did become fixed eventually as the book came to a conclusion.
1. At the end of the book, Ponyboy had a deeper understanding of the Socs and even the Greasers and he finally understood that we are all human which adi1.Nearded him to understand that it doesn’t matter what lifestyle you’re living or what name you have, the only thing that matters is friendship and that’s exactaly what the Greasers had.
2.After Darry found Ponyboy, they discussed Darry hitting him and they resolved the situation by showing their love for one another in a form of a hug and Darry apologized to Ponyboy for his actions.
3.After the Socs lost the rumble, the groups stopped physically fight with one another which solved the solution of anger and rage towards each group.

Over the course of the book, Ponyboy changed immensely. As he had time to process, the internal conflicts with himself became resolved and he found a sense of peace and complete serenity within his heart and mind.
1.Ponyboy found out that Darry does love him because Darry showed it thirough his actions (hugging him and apologizing when he hit Ponyboy) and when he realized that Darry did love him, he began to accept the death of his parents because he knew that someone loved him just like his parents did.
2. After the Socs ran away from the rumble and lost the fight he gained some street credit which made him one of the top dogs so no Soc ever bothered to pick a fight with him again which substituted fear and gave him confidence in himself. 1. One of Johnny's largest external conflicts is is parents. They really do not care about him and beat him up, ignore him, or yell at him. Even on his death bed, Johnny still hates his mother enough to refuse to let her in his hospital room.
2. Johnny's next problem is he got jumped by four Socs. He got beat up terribly. Besides being badly hurt, this led to an internal conflict, felling weak and scared that the Socs would come back to finish him off.
3. Lastly, Johnny struggles with being injured in the fire, when a board hits him and breaks his back. When he gets to the hospital, and the doctors are unsure whether he will remain alive, Johnny is facing his biggest conflict with world the world around him. 1. When Johnny's parents are being terrible to him, he struggles with himself, trying to decide if he should remain, or if he should run away.
2. After he is jumped by the Socs, Johnny feels very scared and worried that they will come back to finish him off. Johnny starts to carry a switchblade around in an attempt to deal with this problem, but that only leads to more.
3. Johnny is fighting with his inner self when he accepts Dally's help with hiding from the police, and is not sure whether he should turn himself in or not. This is is not an easy decision for him, because he would be in hot water with the police. Also, Dally does not want Johnny to turn himself in, and Johnny really values Dally's opinion. 1. Johnny was always a scared and rather timid person, but he puts aside his fears when he runs into the fire with Ponyboy. He is glad that he can help fix something that he may have started. Despite killing someone, and being on the run, this transforms Johnny into a better person, one who is brave, and willing to sacrifice himself to save complete strangers.
2. When Johnny and Ponyboy are in the church, Johnny learns about himself. He learns to see himself and the gang under a new light, especially Dally, whom Johnny sees as gallant.
3. While in the hospital, Johnny has on finnal change. He sees all the things he could have done and realizes that he is not ready to die. 1. Dally has had a lot of struggles in his life. His parents don't care about him, and he has been living his own life for awhile. He feels lonely and needs his friends more than ever.
2. Dally often gets in trouble. The day Ponyboy gets jumped by the Socs, Dally announces that he's just gotten out of jail. He learned to "blow off stream" by starting fights with others. He is a mean and tough man, and he is dangerous.
3. Dally doesn't handle tough situations well. When Johnny dies, he instantly feels deprived of any hope in his life. He decides to go shoplift. In the book, it's obvious that he's being impulsive by defying authority and raising his gun to the cops. He ends up dying the hard way. 1. Dally grew up in a gang in new york. He never had much of a relationship with his family. That makes him feel lonely and extremely dependent on his friends.
2. Dally had bad experiences in his several times in jail. He told Johnny that he got "hardened" in jail. His experiences stay with him.
3.Since Dally is so dependent on his friends, when Johnny dies, he feels absolutely hopeless. He behaves in an awful way because its so hard for him. 1. Dally changed in good ways. When he sees Johnny saving the little kids, even though he doesn't admit it, it gives him a chance to see the good in people, that they aren't all bad.
2. Dally told Johnny that he was proud of him. He had always somewhat looked down on Johnny and after his experience with bailing him out, he finally admitted that he was proud of him.
3. Dally changed in not-so-good ways. After Johnny died, he felt like nothing mattered anymore. He had been keeping a good record with the authorities so he didn't go to jail again, but after the tragedy he didn't care.
1. Firstly, if you look at the title of the book (“The Outsiders”) you can see an external conflict before you even open the book. One of the components of external conflicts is man vs. nature. In this book nature is what made the Greasers (including Ponyboy) outsiders because society judges them by their lifestyle as well as uses stereotypes to label them as human beings.
2. Also, in chapter 3, Ponyboy is hit by this older brother Darry for being late coming home from the movies. This is a direct example of an Eternal Conflict for the reason being, the physical contact made it a man vs. man situation.
3. Third and final, throughout the entire book, Ponyboy and the rest of the Greasers get into fights with the Socs, their enemy. In chapters 4 and 9 the Greasers are physically fighting against the Socs which provides evidence of an external conflict since the situation is man vs. man. How Ponyboy Changed Internal Conflicts: Definition: A character has a conflict with another character (Man vs. Man, Man vs Nature, Man vs Society) Definition: A character has a conflict with their self. Definition of Change: To transform or grow over a period of time. The setting takes place in Tulsa, Oklahoma in the mid-1960. The Greasers live on the East side of town where the lifestyle low class with poor and run down homes and stores while the Socs live on the West side which consists of an environment that’s high class material such as fancy cars and expensive boutiques.

Ponyboy Curtis is a 14 year old boy who is the youngest of a group called the Greasers in the book The Outsiders and he’s even the narrator and protagonist in the novel. Ponyboy's personality is far different from the rest of the gang. He spends his times focused on his academics and sets himself up to achieve goals as well, while the other members show off their rebel sides. Although Ponyboy is book smart, he isn't street smart. His 2 older brothers Darry and Sodapop always have to remind him to use common sense which Darry clearly thinks he doesn’t have an ounce of. Aside from that, Ponyboy has gone through a lot in his 14 years of his life. Throughout the book he struggles in areas of class division, innocence, violence and familial love and loss. As the novel progresses he matures greatly and he has a deeper connection with his gang and he understands the Socs more and what their group is all about.

Johnny Cade is 16 years old, although most people think he looks younger. He is often described as a scared little puppy that has been kicked around a lot. Johnny is quite shy, and even more so after he go jumped. He is well liked by the whole gang, and they all get extremely angry if anyone picks on, or says at them. The gang always sticks up for Johnny. Dally especially cares for him.

Dally (Dallas) : Dally Winston is a Greaser member that's 17 years of age. He's had a hard life in his 17 years such as seeing the inside of jail multiple times because he's the toughest Greaser gang member. His past consists of being a hardened teen who used to run with gangs in New York. After being in jail so many times, he takes pride in his criminal records but he never wants to go back there again because now he has friends to take care in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Faith King,
Hunter Hansen, and
Liz Morgan How these conflicts compare to ours and Conclusion:
When we face challenges in our lives, some can’t be related to other people’s situation while others can. During the conflicts faced with Ponyboy, the External Conflict he faced with being labeled by society is a situation that Liz, Hunter and I can relate too. We are in middle school, and we do get judged by other students. We just judged by the clothes we wear and the brands we support which shows that Ponyboy isn’t the only one that gets marked for being himself. Also, for an Internal Conflict, others can relate because there’s teenagers in the world that do lose their parents at around the same age Ponyboy did and they have to go through the same emotional process of trying to recover from losing dear loved ones. On the other hand, Johnny had one External Conflict that stood out to us and we could relate to, which was getting beaten by parents. As we watch the news, we witness horrifying stories that consist of young children getting beaten by their parent which sometimes leads to hospitalization. In detail, not only was one of his challenges was getting beaten by his parents but for an Internal Conflict, he also had to face the emotions that came along with the beatings along with the children that have been through the same experience and have ended up on the news from the catastrophe. Lastly, Dally has some conflicts that can be easily related to by us as well as other children. When some children don’t know what to do in a situation, they go off and make wrong decisions just like Dally decided to do when he Johnny died from rescuing the children from the church fire, which leads into the Internal Conflict. After Johnny died, Dally made the wrong decision because he felt hopeless in life and didn’t know what else to do. This sometimes happens to other children when they don’t know what to do after a situation happens that they have no control over. In conclusion, the three characters of the Outsiders (Ponyboy, Johnny and Dally) all matured and grew in different ways from their difficulties that they come across in life.
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