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Offensive Language and Mass Media

No description

Colin Pierce

on 8 April 2015

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Transcript of Offensive Language and Mass Media

SAE House Mother
The SAE Chant
Offensive Language and Mass Media

And let's watch the video
John Stewart
Trinidad James
But It's All Rap's Fault, Right?
Watch the video and read the article in the link below.
Click the link below
Click the link below
Let's see who blames the rappers...
Can you really consider the fraternity singing the chant to be racist? What if they never used the n-word in their chant? What makes them any different from a club called ‘Black Student Alliance’ or ‘Society for Future Latina Engineers’?
Is the fraternity house mother collateral damage in this case, considering she was only singing along to a song (All Gold Everything) by Trinidad James?
Considering the analysis of Wale’s The Kramer you just wrote, is Trinidad James’s argument valid? Why or why not?
Considering the analysis of Wale’s The Kramer you just wrote, is Joe Scarborough’s argument valid? Why or why not?
Revisit the first question: Can you really consider the fraternity singing the chant to be racist after hearing Waka Flocka’s response?
Essential Questions:
In your groups, take into account the stories
you read and videos you watched. Using at
least 2 pieces of evidence, discuss and be
prepared to share out your answer to one of
the following questions:

1) To what extent is regulating language an effective way of creating social change?

2) Is it more empowering to re-appropriate a word rather than censor it?
John Stewart
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