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Metro Canada ~ News Worth Sharing P&G Sept 2012 -

Focus on Multi-platform

Jodi Brown

on 20 November 2012

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Transcript of Metro Canada ~ News Worth Sharing P&G Sept 2012 -

integrated solutions Metro started in Sweden in 1995, from a simple idea: news for free.

This idea evolved into a global newspaper brand delivering quality news for free
at the right time, the right place, and in the right format
in over 100 cities worldwide.

Metro is now the largest sharer of free news in the world
and recognized as the world's largest international newspaper
by the Guinness World Book of Records.

In Canada, Metro is the most read national daily newspaper in the country

Responsive design
Streamlined, cleaner design means ads pop
More room for news stories on homepage
easier to share + 4% Metro’s website and app launches in Hamilton, Kitchener-Waterloo, Windsor, Victoria will be promoted from April 2- May 1st through:

Facebook contest to generate awareness among digital YAMs, with call to action to like Metro and download metro apps

Facebook and google adwords advertising

Corus online properties: a combination of Banners, Corus Mobile App inclusion, Live Player Inclusion (70% of traffic on sites) and an email blast to the Edge Listener Club (250,000 members) The Metro Story http://metronews.ca 55,000 subscribers Rdio
3 weeks
prize value: $120
total entries: 9,436
5 weeks
Prize value: $28,000
total entries: 107,348 print mobile web tryvertising www.metronews.ca/presentation-balls/ http://metronews.ca/presentation-balls/ http://www.interactiveentries.com/closetohome/index.html
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