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Inaccurate & accurate involving Milk

No description

Jon Cervantes

on 12 December 2013

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Transcript of Inaccurate & accurate involving Milk

Film Makers Went Wrong..
When the filmmakers were doing research for the Milk script, they never spoke to Sloan. That may be because his existence creates a problem for the film’s premise, because Sloan is gay. That’s right, Dan White’s top confidante is gay.
Sloan says White was not at all homophobic. He was just an unstable man who became homicidal when Milk and [Mayor] Moscone betrayed him politically.

Facts Left Out
Many historical facts about White were conveniently left out of the movie.
Dan White supported nearly all of Milk’s gay-friendly resolutions.
Incorrect Settings
In many of the rally scenes that are set to be in the 1970s you can see the New Main Branch Library but according to records was not built until 1995
In boycotting scene of Coors beer there are Bud weiser and Bud Light dispensers but Bud LIght beer was not introduced until 1982
Throughout the movie The Advocate is referred to as a magazine but didnt become a magazine until 1992 , during the 70s it was a tabloid newspaper
Inaccurate & Accurate Involving "Milk"
Jon Cervantes
Nick Brandt
Priscilla Lopez
Harvey Himself...
His life changed history...

His Courage changed lives...
Penn accurately portrays Milk as the polite public official determined to make social change.
Who are the Characters?
Dan White...
Government Official

Dan Whites top confidante.
Plus hes gay.
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