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Intermediate 5 - U1A Stories

No description

Sofia Arias

on 2 December 2014

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Transcript of Intermediate 5 - U1A Stories

Unit 1
What's the story?
What is

I think anthropology is ______________.
What is a "story"?
A 'story' is a narrative description of past events.
Do you know someone who is a good storyteller?
Who is it?
What do they talk about?
bedtime story
news story
fictional / real story
Read the short conversations
Who do you think might have these conversations?
Where might the people be?
I think conversation
# __
is between
. They are talking about
They might be at
Vocabulary Focus
making up
go after
go over it
piece together
a. inventing something (to fool someone)
b. review
c. figure out what happened
d. analyze
e. changing
f. report a news story
g. pursue an idea
h. check to see if something is true.
Look at the list of 8 words you have just learned
Work with a partner. Ask each other "What does __________ mean?
Explain in your own words WITHOUT looking at the book
What does "making up" mean?

It means to invent a false story
Then make a sentence with the word
Your sentence should have at least 10 words.
The criminal was making up a story so he could avoid going to prison.
What's the meaning of...?
a story
a story
(to make someone stop telling the story)
(to tell a different version of a story)
What other verbs can you add?
Present Perfect VS. Simple Past
Subject +
Past Participle
+ Complement
1. To talk about actions that started in the past and continue in the present
I have studied English since July 2012
I have studied English for one year.
2. To talk about actions that happened in the past, when the specific time is not important.
Have you ever eaten sushi?
Yes, I have
I have visited Cuzco.
Simple Past.
I traveled to Mancora in 2005.
What do you remember?
In Summary
Actions that started and finished in the past (usually specific time)
Present Perfect
1. To talk about actions that began and finished in the past
Subject +
Verb (Past)
+ Complement
* Actions that started in the past and continue in the present
* Actions that started and finished in the past (time is NOT specific)
Make a sentence with "
live in San Miguel
Activity 3A
1. no longer
6. have not happened before now
5. a repeated action
4. non specific time
3. specific point
2. still
Imagine you are a famous person from one of the following fields...
Work in pairs.

One of you is the journalist interviewing the famous person. Make 3 or 4 questions using the
How long have you...?
When did you first....?
What has been your most memorable...?
Have you ever...?
Did you ....?
Do you believe in ghosts?
Did I ever tell you about the time......?
What do you think the story will be about?
Work in pairs. Put the story in order
Expressions to tell a story
It happened when...
In the end...
Did I ever tell you about the time...
It seems funny now, but...
One night...
Pair Work
Expressions to tell a story
Reacting to a story
I'll never forget the time...
Did I ever tell you about the time..
A couple of years ago / Last night/ Last summer/ One night / It happened when...
All of a sudden / Suddenly
What happened in the end was / In the end...
Looking back on it...
It seems funny now, but...
Wow! /Really! / Unbelievable! / Are you kidding? / Are you joking?

And then what happened?
What did you do next?

Do you mean....?
Did you say....?
Now make a story....
1. My next door neighbor had a cute dog / in the end we had an elegant dinner.
2. When I went to Icpna / in the end we got divorced
3. My friend lost her wallet / in the end I traveled to Mexico
Remember the stories you were told when you were a child....
What was the moral of each story?
stormy night
magic charms
Symbols of good luck or bad luck
Which others do you know?
monkey's paw
magic charm
What do you think the story will be about?
Close your books.
Try to answer these questions with a partner
1. How many people used the paw?
2. Why did the Sergeant throw it in the fire?
3. What were Herbert and his father doing before the Sergeant arrived?
5. What did the paw do for Mr. White?
5. What happened to the son?
Work in groups
If you were given 3 wishes. What would you ask for?
What is ¨
To show when an even happened from beginning to end.
First of all,
Two months later,
1. The writer´s mistake was __________.

2. It was a mistake because _________.
Many things went wrong, like ____________.

3. The author´s advice is ____________________.
* Think about something you did in your life that turned out differently than you expected. (something you regret)
* Narrate a special event in your life (an extraordinary trip or an incredible day you had)
1. List the sequence of events
Three months later
Use your outline and time expressions to write 1 or 2 paragraphs describing your experience.
1. You are going to interview a classmate to tell his life story. Look at the questions in A and add two more. (What can you ask to get information from your classmate´s life?)
2. Interview your partner. Copy his or her answers in a piece of paper.
3. Tell the class two or three things you learned from your partner.
1. Students often ____ stories about why they didn't do their homework. They aren't true, but they're sometimes very funny.
2. We all read the same story in class, but we had different ideas about it. We _____ the story in different ways.
3. The reporter had to ______ information from many different places to write about the cause of the airplane crash.
4. When you apply for a job, you should always tell the truth, because the employer might call to _____ the information that you give.
5. Can you help me with my homework. I want to _____ some of the grammar again.
6. You shouldn't ____ your answer to a test question after you write. When students change the answer, they usually make it wrong!
A: (you / taste / ever) ________________________________ sushi?
B: Yes, I (eat) ____________________ sushi at least five times so far.
A: When (you / eat) _________________ sushi for the first time?
B: I (eat) _____ sushi for the first time on my dad's 50th birthday. He (invite) ____________________ the whole family to a Japanese restaurant.
A: (you / like) __________________ it?
B: Absolutely. In fact, it (be) __________ so good that we (be) ________ to that restaurant three times yet. And on my mom's birthday, we (order) ______________ some sushi and (have) __________________ it at home.

Have you ever tasted
have eaten
did you eat
Did you like
have been
I'll never forget the time
I thought there was a ghost in my room.
One day, when I was a child
, I was quietly watching TV in my room. I was alone because my parents had gone out to a family party. It was about 3 a.m when
all of a sudden
I heard steps near my room , the door started to open slowly and I felt a cold breeze. I thought it was a ghost.
In the end
, It was my mom who didn't want to wake me up.
It seems funny now
, but at that moment I was very scared.
I'll never forget the day I visited Machupicchu for the first time. It has been one of the most amazing experiences of my life.
It happened 7 years ago when I returned to Peru after many years of living abroad.
I bought the plane tickets to Cuzco.
I looked around the internet for tours I could take in the city and that could take me to Machuppichu.
searching for a few days I decided to buy a tour I liked.
I booked the hotel and
a few days later
I packed my suitcase.
I traveled with my family, so the trip was great!. I have always wanted to visit Cuzco so I was very excited. The city was amazing! We visited all the tourist places and tried traditional food.
In the end,
we went to Machupicchu. It was incredible and unforgettable. It was one of the most breathtaking views I have ever seen.
Looking back on it, it has been one of the greatest moments of my life. I really enjoyed the whole trip and I look forward to going back again.
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