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The Sims

No description

Evie Ward

on 19 March 2013

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Transcript of The Sims

Video Games The Sims 3 is a strategic life simulation game where you can control your Sim in a way very similar to real life. The gameplay is open-ended and indefinite so you can technically keep playing for ever! The Sims 3 Codes Technical You can control your view of the game because there are unlimited camera angles. The lighting in the game changes with the time of day. At night time it goes dark and then lightens again by morning. There is a wide range of zoom so you can focus on certain Sims or zoom out over the whole town. Symbolic You can choose the gender, clothing, race, hair and size of your sim. Body language is used a lot in the Sims. Sims speak "Simlish" so they use exaggerated body language so you understand what they are saying. Written The language spoken on the games is called Simlish and is entirely fictional. Speech bubbles displaying pictures appear above Sims when they are talking. The pictures often show you what they are saying. Audio There are realistic sound effects that correspond with all the actions. The Sim's tone of voice shows a lot of expression even though you can't understand what they are saying. Conventions You create the storyline for the game, a specific narrative isn't followed. For each different job a Sim can do, a career path is followed and you can get promotions until you are in the highest position. Story Character Traits You create everything about your Sim, including their character traits. You can choose traits for your Sim from 4 categories: Social, Mental, Physical and Lifestyle. These traits effect the Sim's lifetime wishes and their abilities. Most of these traits are quite stereotypical. For example, Evil, Athletic and Bookworm. The heroes and villains are different to what you would expect because you choose if they are a hero or villain. It is up to you to decide if your character performs "good" or "bad" actions. Target Audience Whenever something is written on the game it is also in Simlish. As there are many different versions of the Sims, there are different target audiences depending on the game. Some games are intended for teenagers and adults while others are suitable for a younger audience. For example The Sims 3 is for teens and adults because it includes sexual references and adult themes. The Sims Pets could be for younger children because it has less mature themes. Stereotypes When creating a Sim, many people create a figure who is in there own image but looks how they wish they looked. This means that the stereotypical characters would be those that are talented, good looking and talented at the hobbies the player enjoys or wants to be good at. Guys playing the game would create their character to be really hot and buff. Girls would create a Sim that is pretty and has a good body. There is no set characters in the game so the only stereotypes would be those that people create. Addiction The Sims is an extremely addictive game because teenagers can use it as an escape from their real lives. This is appealing because unlike many games, you can be the hero or the villain. In the game teenagers can be or do things they usually can't. You can re-create an avatar of yourself that is smart, pretty, funny, buff or athletic in the image of what you would want to look like. This could be a problem because teenagers may become extremely addictive and spend excessive amounts of time playing the game because they believe it is better than real life. Some people have often thought they were only playing The Sims for a short time before finding out they have been playing for hours! It is an extremely time consuming game and can easily take control of your life. Marketing All of the promotional adds for the Sims include the characters doing things that appeal to teenagers. For example; playing sport and hanging out with friends. This video appeals to teenagers because it mostly shows teenage characters in it. They are doing things that would appeal to teenagers and mostly they are just having fun. The End The Sims is played all over the world and has been around for 13 years. Nine expansion packs and eight stuff packs have been released for the Sims 3 which is the latest version of the game. The Sims has 5 Guiness world records. These records include "World's Biggest-Selling Simulation Series" and "Best Selling PC Game of All Time". The original Sims game sold 16 million copies.
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