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A book

Ashanti Neal

on 5 October 2012

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Transcript of Heartbeat

My book is called Heartbeat.
It is by Sharron Creech. Aurthor: Sharron Creech Name: Heartbeat Genre: Non-fiction Compare and Contrast, Annie & Max draw Annie likes to love to run together Annie & Max Max only has a mom & Annie has a mom, dad, and grandpa. Annie has a brother, Max has no siblings About my book Theme The theme is to always to be
supportive to your friends. I know this because in the book is says,
That Max wanted Annie to come to his race,
at first Annie was not about to go but she went anyways. That is being supportive. Thank You I would like to thank you all
for sitting through my prezi.
THANK YOU! Summary H e a r t b e a t All the runners were ready
to run. Max was pumped up and
ready to go. They heard the gun
shot and Max took off! By: Ashanti Neal
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