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AVID Tutorial

No description

Montclair AVID

on 15 August 2018

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Transcript of AVID Tutorial

AVID Tutorial
What is a Tutorial?
The purpose of tutorials is for students to learn how to collaborate with others to arrive at a solution and deeper understanding of the question on the TRF
During Tutorial
At the beginning each student will read their topic & POC
For example: "My question is about ______ and my POC is _______"
1st student will go up to board and write their info using the correct set-up
White board set-up: http://bit.ly/2bpWs7S
30 sec speech explaining the pre-work and the POC is then given
The group then asks higher level questions guiding student to solution
Every student must have notes and/or books out and must be writing what is written on the board
Before the steps are written the presenter must AHA! moment using an "!" on the board
Presenter will write the steps taken to find the solution and explain why these steps were taken. They will also explain what they learned about their POC
End of tutorial
Each student in the group will share what they learned during tutorial that day.
If students have not used the purple pens to add info to their existing class notes they should do it at this time
Each student will write a reflection about what they learned during tutorial using the tutorial reflection questions
TRFs will be given to the tutor to grade
students keep tutorial notes to use for binder check
EQ: What is a tutorial and how can it help me academically?
Before the Tutorial
Day before tutorial students must complete a TRF using a question from their homework, notes, or classwork
Students will bring in 1 question they are having difficulty understanding
ALL parts of TRF must be filled out
Source of question and vocabulary must be provided
Students must have notes from core subjects and/or an example of a similar question
30 second speech
Read Question generated by POC
My question from my pre-work is...
My question from my POC is....
Share what you know about your Q
The vocabulary I needed to know to do my pre-work and write my Q is....
What I know about my question is....
Share your pre-work
Last night I was able to complete.....
This is as far as I was able to do it on my own....
Share your POC
My POC is.....
What I don't understand is.....
Ask group members to begin questioning process
What questions do you have to assist me in understanding my POC?
Tutorial Guidelines
NO cell phones
no side convo
be respectful
Be prepared
Have notes/book out
Use the purple pens
Source for Vocabulary
If you do not know
to start your problem
you must provide an
example of a similar
Last ten minutes of class
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