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Curriculum Mapping

No description

Tracy McNelly

on 25 August 2014

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Transcript of Curriculum Mapping

Curriculum Mapping
What is curriculum mapping?
Heidi Hayes Jacobs--Guru of Curriculum Mapping
Phases to Curriculum Mapping
Phase 1: Collect Data

Collect data (record what was actually taught) using a
calendar-based format.
Phases 2: Review Data

A group of teachers of the same grade level or the same course
Can share activities and assessments (both successful and unsuccessful)
Collaboration enhances “team” feeling
Can serve as a guide for new teachers
A group of teachers from varied grade levels or varied courses within a department
Can examine for “gaps” in the curriculum
Can note “repetitions” in the curriculum
Provides opportunity to collaborate with colleagues across grade levels and courses

Phase 3: ?????
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