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Ch 7 Sec 1 (Revolution Threatens the French King)

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Kyle Clark

on 6 October 2015

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Transcript of Ch 7 Sec 1 (Revolution Threatens the French King)

The Great Fear was a wave of senseless panic that spread through the French countryside after the storming of the Bastille.
happened because rumors spread that nobles had hired outlaws to terrorize the peasants
the peasants broke into noble’s houses, burnt papers that tied them to the land, and sometimes burned the houses to the ground.
What was the Great Fear? Why did it happen?
The Estates-General were an assembly of representatives from all three estates.
He was forced to call the meeting when he tried to raise taxes on the Second Estate.
The meeting was called to get approval for his tax reform.
This was the first meeting in 175 years (May 5, 1789 at the palace of Versailles)

What were the Estates-General? Why did Louis XVI call a meeting of the Estates-General on May 5, 1789?
In the 1770’s, the system of feudalism left over from the Middle Ages—called the Old Regime remained in place. The people of France were still divided into three large social classes, or estates.

Why did Louis and Marie leave their palace at Versailles?
Each estate had one vote
Therefore, the two privileged estates could always outvote the Third Estate
How many votes did each estate get in the Estates-General?
Indecisive, allowed matters to drift
Paid little attention to advisors
Spent too much time hunting and tinkering with locks
Why does the textbook say Louis XVI was a weak leader?

In what year did Louis XVI become king of France?
Started using words like equality, liberty, and democracy.
Discussed Rousseau and Voltaire
True or False: The success of the American Revolution and the ideas of Rousseau and Voltaire inspired many in the Third Estate.

paid most of the taxes
many were very poor and hungry
lacked privileges of the first two estates
wanted more political power
After reading page 193, why do you think the Third Estate would want to change France’s government?

What percentage of the French population made up the Third Estate?

Who made up the First and Second estates?

The clergy of the Roman Catholic Church made up the First Estate.
Owned 10% of land
Paid little taxes

The Second Estate was made up of rich nobles.
2% of population
Owned 20% of land
Paid almost no taxes
Hated Enlightenment ideas
Revolution Threatens the French King

The Bastille was a prison in Paris, France.
It was raided by French citizens looking for gunpowder.
The fall of the Bastille became a great symbolic act of revolution to the French people.
What and where is the Bastille? What happened their on July 14, 1789?
He allowed the Third Estate to rejoin the Estates General.
How did Louis XVI try to make peace with the Third Estate after their Tennis Court Oath?

They pledged to stay in the tennis court until a new constitution had been created.
went to the tennis court b/c they had been locked out of the National Assembly
What did the Third Estate pledge to do in the Tennis Court Oath?

a French congress established by representatives of the Third Estate on June 17, 1789, to enact laws and reforms in the name of the French people
leading spokesman was Abbe Sieyes
Proclaimed an end to the absolute monarchy and the beginning of representative government.

What was the National Assembly? Which estate made up this assembly?
From Austria
Spent too much on gowns, jewels, and gifts
Many disapproved of her choices in fashion
One year she lost $1.5 million by gambling on card games

Why was Marie Antoinette unpopular among many Frenchmen?

Louis XVI - 15
Marie Antoinette - 14
How old were Louis and Marie Antoinette when they were married?
Expanding population
High taxes
Growing cost of living
Widespread crop failures caused starvation
Government in debt, high spending by the king
Why was France’s once prosperous economy failing during the 1780’s?
Paid half their income to nobles, the church, and the king
No power to influence government
What percentage of France’s population were peasants?

1.) the bourgeoisie
merchants and artisans
well educated and believed in enlightenment ideas
paid high taxes and lacked privileges of the first 2 estates
2.) the workers of France’s cities
Cooks, servants, etc.
Poorer than bourgeoisie, often went hungry
When the cost of bread rose, mobs of these workers would attack carts of grain and bread to steal what they needed.
3.) the peasants

What three groups of people made up the Third Estate?

What was considered to be the most advanced European nation during the 18th century?

Over 80% of the population
about 80%
They left because of the Woman’s March on Versailles.
Approx. 6,000 women and some men rioted over the price of bread.
Marched 12 miles to the palace of Versailles
Killed 2 guards and forced the King and Queen to go to Paris.

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