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Abbey Miller & Hannah Oppegard

No description

lib hist

on 9 September 2015

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Transcript of Abbey Miller & Hannah Oppegard

Abbey Miller & Hannah Oppegard
Paul Smith
Hershal Williams
He was awarded the medal of honor because, with a 70 pound flame thrower Hershal Williams managed to reduce the fire of a machine gun from unyeilding positions
William Harvey
William Harvey won his medal of honor for not letting an American flag touch the ground, even though he was shot in the face, shoulders, arms, and legs.
Charles Lindbergh
Paul Smith sacrificed his life in the line of duty
Charles Lindbergh showed courage in his flight by never stopping the plane alone, by the order of the president
He Showed Valor When He Refused to Let The Flag Touch The Ground Even Though He Was In Severe Danger And Pain
Charles Lindbergh was given his award for making a successful trip from the Roosevelt field in Garden city, New York to Le Bourget field, Paris on a plane. This record setting flight took a total of 33 hours in the air.
Paul smith was building a prisoner of war holder when he and his task force was attacked by an enemy containing more than one hundred soilders. He quickly organized a defense force and saved many lives. Although sadly before he himself could escape he was killed. He was awarded the medal of honor after death.
Hershal Wiliams ahowed honor by being selfless and performing a life risking heroism
Thank You :)
Thank You :)
Thank You:)
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