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University of Regensburg

No description

Cailean Campbell

on 19 October 2016

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Transcript of University of Regensburg

It is one of Germany's oldest town
It is a medievel town
It was founded by Romans in 179 AD as 'Casta Regina' which means 'Fortress by the River Regina'
12th Century Stone Bridge
Regensburg Catherdral
Regensburg Old Town
Facts about the city
Located in South-East Germany
Fourth largest city in the Bavaria after Munich, Nuremburg and Augsburg
Population is about 140,000 which is slightly bigger than Cork at around 120,000
It is the political, economic and cultural centre of Eastern Bavaria
The University
Founded: 18/07/1962
Location: Regensburg
Administrative Staff: 4200
Students: 21400
Website: www.uni-regensburg.de

University of Regensburg is situated on one central campus.
Located south of Regensburg's inner city on a small incline south of the Danube River.
It consists of 150 hectares of land.
11 Faculties
Catholic Theologie
Business Economics and Management Information Systems.
Philosophy, Art History, History and Humanities.
Psychology, Education and Sports Science.
Language Literature and Culture.
Biology and PreClinical Medicine.
Chemistry and Pharmacy.
University of Regensburg
Interesting Fact
The university's most famous faculty member is pope Benedict XVI who served until 1977.
He is still a listed as a professor.
Erasmus Experiences In Regensburg Are All Positive.
'The student lifestyle is absolutely amazing'- http://erasmusu.com/en/erasmus-regensburg/erasmus-experiences/erasmus-experience-in-regensburg-germany-80138
'I totally recommend this university because it's the best place where you can study and meet a lot of international and German people with whom you can hang out, travel and study.'- http://www.stexx.eu/students/experience/88438/blank.html
12th Century Stone Bridge
This bridge goes across the Danube linking the Old Town with Stadtamhof. For 800 years it was the city's only bridge going across the river. It is of medieval construction.
Regensburg Cathedral
The cathedral is also known as Saint Peters Dom as it is dedicated to Saint Peter. It is the seat of the Catholic diocese is Regensburg
This house was built in 1260 and is considered one of the most famous landmarks in Regensburg, with its painting of David and Goliath on the front.
Regensburg Old Town
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