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ILAM's Online Enrollment and Learning Management System

Chapter 1 and 2 summary

Iam Jamie

on 16 September 2012

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Transcript of ILAM's Online Enrollment and Learning Management System

International Language Manila's Online Enrollment and Learning Management System Adopt new technology

Online Enrollment System

Learning Management System Background of the Study Presented by:
Bayot, Jamie D.
Flores, Jeemar Basil M.
Jopia, Michael Angelo D.
Ovideo, Lewis Ephraim G. What is ILAM? Services Offered ILAM's Mission and Vision Main Problem Specific Problem Objectives of the Study General Objectives Specific Objectives Scope and Limitations End. Thank you.

Minimize the resource cost and execution time
Backup of personal information and payment
Account for Students
Create an easy access communication between students and instructors.
Real time chat box and forums, announcements through email.
To take past lesson Encourage non-native and native speakers to join the institution

Minimize the required time for inserting, updating,
organizing of a student’s record

Create Diagnostic Test

* Personal information

* Mode of Payment
- Paypal

* Diagnostic test * Accounts
- Students
- Teachers
- Administrator

* Upload/Download

* Forum Box

* Real Time Chat * Administrator

* Debit card / Credit card

* Diagnostic Test
- Local Host * Accounts
- Administrator
- Teachers
- Students Students and
Instructors School Administrators Future Researchers Significance of the Study ONLINE ENROLLMENT Learning Management Ensure the accuracy of data gathering
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