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Great Britain Final Project Presentation

Society, economics and politics

Camila Recuero

on 7 February 2017

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Transcript of Great Britain Final Project Presentation

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Camila Priscila Recuero Márquez A01227978
Monserrat Mitsue Barba Herrera A01228284
Mariana Alcázar Ibarra A01228467
Christa Fernanda Navarro González A01228676
David Meza Leal A01228836
Tecnológico de Monterrey
Subject: Society, Economics and Politics: an Introductory Vision.
Teacher: Jean-Marc Wintgens
Group: 1
UK is an alliance of countries which share political and economical systems. Those countries are: England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland.
Is located in Western Europe, between the North Sea and the North Atlantic Ocean.
The flag of UK is called "Union Jack". It has three flags in one, for Scotland's, Ireland's and England's flag.

95% of the people who live in UK are English speakers. It is important to say that countries such as Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland have their own dialects.

1.4% of the population in Scotland speak Scottish Gaelic and English.
6.6% of the population in Northern Ireland can speak two languages such as Irish Gaelic and English.
21% of the citizens in Wales speak English and Welsh.
United Kingdom has a population of 64.1 millions and it's distributed as shown in the following picture.
In 2014, 41.7% of the people in England identify themselves as Christians.
16.3% of the population are involved into the Church of England.

It is important to mention that other religions have presence too, but in a small percentage such as the Islam and the Hinduism.

Also a big percentage of the citizens do not practice any religion.



• 15th June 1215 – King John signed the Magna Carta.
This document is important because it contains all promises made between the king and the subjects that he would govern, according to the feudal law.

• 17th March – St Patrick’s Day. (Northern Ireland)
“It particularly remembers St Patrick, one of the Ireland’s patron saints who ministered Christianity in Ireland during the fifth century”.

• 23rd April - St George Day (Since 1222)
There´s a legend about St George that says that he was a Roman soldier who rescued a princess after killing a dragon. And he’s now considered as the patron saint of England.

• 17th June – Eid al-Fitr.
This day is celebrated by the Muslim communities in the UK. In this day the people who believe in it wear their new and best clothes, they take a shower, use perfume, etc. Just looking their best.

• 11th November – Remembrance Day.
In this celebration people from all UK make a memorial day to honor the members of the armed forces. They remember all the members who died in battle.

1. They consume more tea per capita than anybody else. This is like 2.5 times more than the Japanese and 22 times more than the Americans & French. They drink everyday approximately 165 million cups of tea.

2. British police do not carry guns except in specific emergencies. This is normal for them. "We are passionate that the British style of policing is routinely unarmed policing. Sadly we know from the experience in America and other countries that having armed officers certainly does not mean, sadly, that police officers do not end up getting shot." (Sir. Peter Fahy. 2012). A 2006 review of 47,328 Police Federation members found that 82% of them did not want officers to be regularly armed on work, even though almost half had been "in serious exposure" during the last three years.

3. The Queen Elizabeth II is the owner of all the whales and dolphins in the ocean within 3 miles around from the UK. Clearly Queen Elizabeth II is one of Britain’s longest serving monarchs. Since February 1952 to now.

4. English people have the highest obesity rate in Europe. The percentages are 22.3% men and 23% women. They also have the highest percentage of overweight women (33.6%) and the 6th highest for men (43.9%).

5. Fish and chips are the irrefutable National dish in Britain, this has becoming a cultural and culinary symbol of England, instantly recognized as British in all over the world.
Its origins and development in the mid 19th century are nearly associated with the Industrial Revolution and it has preserved a huge popularity as the original, cheaper and healthy
• Elite:
Which is the most privileged group in the UK with only 6% of the population, and this one has the highest levels of all three capitals.

• Established middle class:
This group is the largest and most gregarious with 25% of population. And it’s cataloged as the second wealthiest.

• Technical middle class:
This is a new class group which is prosperous but their social and cultural capital is pretty low.

• New affluent works:
This one counts with middling levels of economic and it’s socially & culturally active.

• Traditional working class:
This group is not completely deprived.

• Emergent service workers:
This one is relative poor with the 19% of the population…but has high social & cultural capital.

• Precariat, or precarious proletariat:
It’s the poorest and most deprived class and because of this… scoring low of cultural and social capital.
Class-obsessed Britain bans Indian caste system. Theday. Recovered 02, 2015 from: http://theday.co.uk/politics/class-obsessed-britain-bans-indian-caste-system
Production factors

plays an important role in the economy because thousands of tourists visit UK every year.

produces the 60% of food needs.
2/3 parts of agriculture are focused in livestock producing milk and its derivatives.
It has many resources such as
coal, natural gas and oil.


of the United Kingdom are:
pharmacists, oil, aircraft engines, automobiles and alcoholic beverages.
Economic system
The united kingdom has a capitalist economy.
Economically, when such freedom is applied to the sphere of production its result is the free-market.
An economic system in which investment in and ownership of the means of production, distribution, and exchange of wealth is made and maintained chiefly by private individuals or corporations.
Between the 50’s & 60’s started the “British Invasion” and rock became very important. Some artists and bands who had success in England were: The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, The Who, The Kinks, Elton John, Pink Floyd and Bob Dylan.
• In the 70’s & 80’s the ones who had success were: AC/DC, Aerosmith, Led Zepellin, Ramones, Queen, Billy Joel, Irom Maiden and Nirvana.
• Between the 90’s pop music started to have more influence like Oasis, Muse, the Spice Girls and Amy Winehouse.
• Nowadays the most successful artists and bands in England are: Coldplay, Ed Sheeran, One Direction, Cher Lloyd, Artic Monkeys, The Kooks, Adele, Jessie J and Robbie Williams
• London Eye: Its giant Ferris Wheel overlooks the city of the beautiful London.
• Stonehenge: Is an archaeological structure that was built for about 5000 years ago.
• Big Ben: This clock tower is one of the most famous tourist attraction whith 96 meters tall.
• Buckinham Palace: An amazing and beautiful architecture, also it has a changing of guards
• The pancake day: It is the day traditionally for eating a lot of pancakes.
• Trooping the Colour: It’s considered the biggest royal event of the year and it consist in guardsmen marching down the Street while they are holding its flag. This is very important because the Queen attends to the ceremony.
• Notting Hill Carnival: Is the biggest Street festival in Europe, is like a huge party for everyone.
Tourist Places
Gross Domestic Product
UK is the world’s sixth

More than
of total GDP are found in services.
is found in government, health & education.
is the transportation, hotels & restaurants.
Professional & Support.
Production. (UK is still one of the biggest manufacturers).
Financial and Insurance.
Real Estate.
Tea drinkers:
Currently, about 22 million of the UK population drink standard tea, or that is about 35.12 percent of the UK's estimated population of 62,641,000.
32%of the population have considered themselves as gamers.
In Scotland the most common hooligan group are the Casuals of Aberdeen, who wear normal clothes to have an easier access to the stadium, not as other groups that were skinheads and used boots. They used weapons. In England the most famous are the West Ham Inter City Firm, one of the first groups to use organized violence.
English boys dressed in jogging suits, beanie and branded shoes. They are threatening Great Britain.
Shea, G. (2011). Los chavs, la tribu urbana que tiene en vilo a Londres. En
Disturbios en Gran Bretaña
de Lanacion.com. Recovered from: http://www.lanacion.com.ar/1396671-los-chavs-la-tribu-urbana-que-tiene-en-vilo-a-londres
13% of the population identified themselves affiliated to a different ethnic group than White British and 9% are identified as non-White.
(2013). So Why do Whites Flee Non-white Areas?. retrieved from: http://www.westernspring.co.uk/so-why-do-whites-flee-non-white-areas/
Jobs' salaries in United Kingdom are highly differentiated by employees genders. Women are paid around 10% or less than men, regardless the unemployed rate is higher in males
Per Capita Income (GDP) or Average Salary
In United Kingdom, when people are under 18 years old are considered as minor, except in Scotland, where people is minor under 16.
In United kingdom is extremely notorious a division between old and young people. Kids just have fun and go to school, when they grow, they start to worry about their future. When they are adults they form a family and work for them and when they are old they stop working and take time for their own or to the grandchildren.

Between 6 and 11 years old, people go to elementary school.
Between 12 and 18 years old, people attend to secondary school.
When they finish their elementary and secondary school, they attend to college (Some of them are part of labor force.)
24 or more: People work and start being parents.
65 or more: Here is when people start their retirement and being grandparents.
In UK is considered as a forbidden social behavior to practice vampirism, also is not well-accepted that one person marry an animal.

Some behaviors such as having bad manners can also be considered as a taboo.

In Ireland women normally use to propose men to get married.

The night of August 30th, 1997 in Paris, France. The princess Diana died in a car accident caused because Diana and her boyfriend Dodi were trying to avoid the paparazzi who were following the car of the couple, unfortunately the car crashed and both died.

The background of that time wasn’t the best because the divorce between the princess Diana and the price Charles was a recent topic in everyday’s conversations', and some people thought that the royal family organized that accident in order that the prince Charles could marry with Camila his new girlfriend.

The two main actors of this new definitively were princess Diana and the royal family. They were important because all the controversy was around them. The role that they played was that they were the figures of this terrible accident which shock all the people of the UK and the world. The importance of them is that they were the main resources in order to get more information about this new because of the kinship they got with the princess Diana.

British culture is well-known because of its real figures and Diana was one of the one of the loveliest ones. When the accident happened, thousands of people showed they sadness and mourning by decorating with flowers the outside Buckingham Palace. It is important to mention that at that time it was considered as a taboo the fact of being divorced so Diana’s social status wasn’t perfect because of that. This new is relevant to the british culture because it affected the relationship between the citizens and the royal family, in others words the population were upset because the royal family didn't honor Diana's death.

In the UK during 1979-1990, Margaret Thatcher was the first prime minister woman who took charge of the british government. During that time, she changed all the “face” of the country thanks to the reforms that she made. It happened because she established some laws that years later were identified as the thatcherism.
The UK background at that time was full of questions because people weren’t happy with their government, so Thatcher’s idea motivate them to make a change. One of the main contributions that Thatcher did was the privatization of some industries, also make stronger the international relation with USA. She recovered the trust of the population when she won the battle against Argentina in order to control the Falklands island whereby the population felt proud of their military force.
The main actors who played role in this new were Margaret Thatcher and the british people. They are really important to be in this new because they were the main participants and the ones who received the benefits of the situation. It is already said that the “Iron woman” role was the prime minister and the british people played the role as the citizens of a new type of political and economic system. This new is really important for the british culture because all changes that she made to the system increased the economic system.
This new is important because Thatcher’s government produced an economic and social development that benefited all population.

On September 18th 2014, Scotland’s Referendum was voted, this referendum invited all citizens to answer the following question “Should Scotland be an independent country?”. It is important to mention that the proposal started at 2011 by the recently elected prime minister Alex Salmond.
The Scotland scenery was that the scottish people felt that I wasn't protected them as much as other countries, mainly England. Alex Salmond thought that Scotland was allowed to organize itself because the country had plenty natural resources such as oil and with those earnings they could have a stable economic system.
Also another problematic that was sounding louder in scottish' minds was that although the high taxes they paid, the benefits weren’t enough good. But the main reason was that Scotland’s citizens felt that they didn’t have enough politicians representing their country in the Lords Chamber, so they felt disadvantage in comparison with the other countries. The relevance of this new is that the proposal has caused a completely change to Scotland's citizens.
The main actors that can be identified in this new are Alex Salmond prime minister of Scotland and David Cameron prime minister of England. They were enemies during this time because Salmond agreed with the independence of Scotland and Cameron disagreed with it. It is really importance the participation of this two politicians because they were the leaders of the referendum.
The new is relevant for all UK citizens because the separation of Scotland could have caused a damage on the economic and political system that has been working since 1707. As well, this event could have also affected the UK flag because it is the representation of the Alliance of the following countries: England, Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales. The culture could have suffered as well because the scottish population, as always, felt represented with the royal family and its traditions, so with the Independence it would have existed a total separation with those aspects.

Scotland Independence Referendum
Olympic games London 2012
The 2012 Olympic games were celebrated in London, United Kingdom the 27th of July and ended the 12th of August. That year more than 10,000 athletes of 204 countries participated in the games. It was the third time the Olympic Games took place in London, and it was the second time Queen Elizabeth II gave the opening in the inauguration with Prince Philip.
The London Olympics 2012 brought the British economy about 9.9 million pounds (11.4 million euros), according to a report released in 2013 by the British Government. Those games generated investment, business and more jobs because of the good organization and all the tourists and british people that assisted to the games, and the inauguration and closing of the Olympics.
Some important actors of these new are the Queen Elizabeth II, the athletes and the people who went to the stadiums to see the games, because the Queen was the one who inaugurated them and without her the inauguration would not have been the same, everybody wished to see the Queen and they felt more privileged with her giving the entrance. Also the athletes are very important because they are the ones that made the show every six years and they are the ones we are willing to watch playing and developing their skills like anybody else does. As well as both actors, the tourists are very important because with their money spent in the entrance to the different stadiums and events, London's economy grew as mentioned before.
This new can be related with the culture exposed at the beginning of the presentation because people of other countries aside from go to see the games, they also want to visit some tourist places like the London Eye. London is a very touristic place with many culture and history.
This new is important because with those games London increased the job opportunities and principally increased the economy because they gained more money than the one invested for the games.
Unemployment Rate, Protests & Social Stability
UK Unemployment Rate Stable at 5.7%

British unemployment rate remained steady at 5.7% in the three months to January of 2015, the lowest since mid-2008.

The employment rate reached a high record,

but pay growth slowed.

The employment rate was 73.3%, the highest since comparable records began in 1971. Yet, there were 9.03 million people aged from 16 to 64 who were out of work and not seeking or available to work. 30,000 fewer than for August to October 2014, but 14,000 more than for a year earlier.
Inflation Rate
With this information we can conclude that England is an amazing place to stay in. Also it has beautiful tourist places and unique traditions, but it is not cheap. We really liked how does it has been having a lot of success and becoming a new trend whith their music and famous people there. England has a lot of history and is one of the countries that since old times has been participating in a lot of world situations. Also England's culture is part of the oldest ones in the world. Another fact we find it really interesting was how British like their own rules, they have a personal minding, they just want to be different to other countries. A fact we didn´t like was the idea of the highest difference of salary between genders, and how woman get less attention and have a high rate of unemployment compared to men. It's awesome how they are sharply divided by categories and status. Sorting a lot the economic issue.
UK Inflation Rate at Record Low:

British annual inflation rate eased to 0.3 percent in January of 2015 from 0.5 percent in the previous month,

reaching the lowest record. Falling prices for motor fuels and food

were the main contributors to the slowdown.
Central Bank
The Bank of England is the central bank of the United Kingdom. Sometimes known as the “Old Lady” of Thread needle Street, the Bank was

founded in 1694

with a founding charter which stated that its purpose was to
“promote the public good and benefit of our people”.

It was nationalized after the Second World War, but retained its broad public service mission. The
financial crisis
has resulted in a major
in the Bank’s responsibilities, which came into force in

April 2013.

However, its responsibilities are now clearly defined by

William and Mary

came to
throne in 1688,
public finances were weak. The system of money and credit was in disarray. A national bank was needed to mobilize the nation's resources.

William Paterson proposed a

loan of £1,200,000 to the Government.
In return the subscribers would be incorporated as the Governor and Company of the Bank of England.

The money was raised in a few weeks and the
Royal Charter
was sealed on

27th July 1694.
The Bank started life as the Government's banker and debt-manager, with 17 clerks and 2 gatekeepers. In


the Bank moved to

Thread-needle Street,

gradually acquiring land and premises to create the site seen today.
Key moments in the Bank's history :
The Bank managed the Government's accounts
and made loans to finance spending at times of peace and war. A commercial bank too, it took deposits and issued notes.

During the 18th Century the Government borrowed more and more money. These outstanding loans were called the
National Debt.

Reliance on the Bank of England was such that when its charter was renewed in
it was described as '
the public exchequer'.

By now the Bank was acting as the bankers' bank too. It was liable to fail if all its depositors decided to withdraw their money at the same time. But the Bank made sure it kept enough

gold to pay its notes on demand.


1797 war with France

had drained the
gold reserves.

The Government prohibited the Bank from paying its notes in gold. This

Restriction Period
lasted until 1821.
The British economy in 2014 had a recovery in improving household consumption because they began to borrow what provoked growth in its economy. The unemployment had been largely content to freeze salaries and development of part-time work; inflation has decreased dramatically due to low oil prices that creates stability for economy. In the oil sector, large companies are having serious problems because of the low price of oil such as BP and Shell, oil companies that are global leaders in the agricultural sector.
In conclusion it can be said that the British economy is currently well in spite of the financial crisis that occurred worldwide in banks across the country and as we have seen, this country depends on the income of financial services organized by central bank. In a short term effect it's not a strong fall in the financial sector as what happened in the past "2008".
British people had to wait Mark Carney, Bank of England governor, a month so that the letter was ready and they could see his explication about why inflation decreased to 0.5%.
Since 1997 the governor must have a letter immediately ready to the chancellor when the percentage of inflation was more than one percent away from the 2% target, but nowadays they have to wait a month so the governor is ready.
Five years ago Mervyn King wrote the letter to Alistair Draling explaining why inflation was very high and that was because Draling increased VAT.
Now, according to Chancellor George Osborne, the inflation of UK is good because it’s driven by external factors such as the oil price.
What caused inflation to happen, according to Carney’s letter delivered on February 12, was the unexpected recent quick fall in energy prices.
But as the target is 2%, surely Carney will soon return to the “normal” percentage and probably prices of oil will slow or stop.
Two important actors are Mark Carney, who is the Bank of England governor, and George Osborne, who is the Chancellor. Carney needed to write a letter about why inflation has fallen to 0.5%, and he has a month, not as years before that it has to be delivered as soon as possible. And Chancellor Osborne was the one who will receive Craney’s letter and he thinks that the UK inflation is ok nowadays. They are very important to be included because the new revolves around them and they are part of the Bank of England.
Mark Carney letter to Chancellor George Osborne
This letter explaining the high decrease in the inflation of UK affects the country's economy because the Bank will want the inflation to be in the target rate of no less/more than 1% of the 2% target. So, if it increases to be in that rate, the economy that nowadays is good, will probably get bad because interest rate will raise. Therefore, family budgets will go less far, the fall in the price of oil will stop, unemployment will increase, etc.
This new is important because is the first time that the Bank of England writes a letter explaining why inflation has fallen so low and no why has increased so much like in other letters.
UK debt to fall next year
Britain's national debt will begin falling next year. The Chancellor George Osborne said he would use £60bn to the government’s coffers from a planned sale of bank assets and falling debt interest payments to reduce the national debt and end austerity a year earlier, putting economic security first. That could be possible thanks to the inflation decreasement which brought a good economy to UK.
In the other hand, Robert Chote, the chairman of OBR (Office for Budget Responsibility), said the fallen inflation will turn negative in the next months because of the recent collapse in oil prices.
Two important actors are Robert Chote, the OBR's chairman and the Chancellor George Osborne. The Chancellor plans to reduce UK's national debt trough a sale of assets built up during the financial crisis. But Chote described the Government plans as "odd" because the sale of assets would only push down Britain’s debt pile temporarily, at the expense of future income streams.
It affects the UK's economy because, as Chote and other critics said, it is strange how the Chancellor plans to reduce the national debt trough resources from bank sales, lower welfare bills & lower interest payments, that will only decrease the debt temporarily. In reality, a future government would probably smooth out that austerity to a degree, meaning smaller near-term cuts.
This new is important because it is needed to know how other countries solve their national debts or maybe how they increase them, so that other countries do or don't do the same. Also because it is important to know the Chancellor's plans to pay down them and see that he is not being corrupt and is doing the right thing.
1915: Women Called to War Service
During World War I an important step was taken by the Government in calling upon women to register themselves for paid employment in the nation’s service, to fill up ranks which are at present without sufficient labor, and also to release men for the fighting line.

What is desired is that workers should be immediately available for the production of armaments. In the manufacture of shells alone thousands more women could be employed. Much of the daily work on farms could be performed by women.

The main actors in this new are the women and the government which allowed them to have more opportunities than before.
This was an important thing that happened to UK during WWI, opening their economy in the employment aspect due to the lack of workers in farm areas, and they didn't only accepted more men to join, but also what they'd never done before, accept women as well. And women proved to be as efficient as men, which helped UK's economy with more employed people.
One Way to Pay a Tax Bill: Donate Churchill’s Paintings

This donation, actually helped UK's economy and the population of Great Britain thought that all the things that were auction on that event would never happen, but after Churchill's daughter death it actually came true and the donation was larger than anyone could think of. £9,404,990 (about $14 million). This was also due to Churchill's great prestige, although few people knew he had those talents in art.
Team Conclusion:

What was liked the most about the UK's economy is that it ranks sixth worldwide in the richest countries, this is due to their great organization and discipline in the management of financial services as a central bank to the extent that UK's GDP depends heavily on these services which leads to have a highly educated, organized and neat social class.
The defects of the UK's economy are that it relies heavily on financial services neglecting other important sectors such as agriculture and industrial activity that are engines of the real growth in an economy besides of being a very dependent country on the central bank social class. People that engage in the banking system generate many vices like attending bars, restaurants and take a lot of coffee.
What is interesting is their great knowledge of financial management in the banking system and the great respect to their environmental policies which provide clean energy.
The least interesting of UK's economy is that their political and economical decisions must take into account several people like the queen, chancellor and parliament, so when any major change occurs they must give written and detailed explanations about the why of things.
The paintings, created between 1915 and the late 1950s, were offered last year after the death of Mary Soames, Churchill’s youngest and last surviving child, who died at the age of 91 in May. The Acceptance in Lieu program is run by the Arts Council England and allows artworks to be donated to the nation in lieu of inheritance tax. The paintings are sought after by collectors of Churchilliana; in December, his “Goldfish Pool at Chartwell” sold for $2.7 million. The donation of the paintings would settle £9,404,990 (about $14 million) of taxes, more than the amount owed by the Soames estate, so the estate is in effect giving more than required.
Although many of Lady Soames’s possessions were sold at auction, she expressed a wish that the paintings already on loan to Chartwell should remain there. “In his 41st year, painting literally ‘grabbed’ him,” she wrote, “thereafter playing an increasing and abiding role in his life, renewing the source of his great inner strength and enabling him to face storms, ride out depressions and rise above the tough passages in his political life.”
The main characters in this new are Mary Soames, the youngest of the five children of Winston Churchill, and Winston Churchill, prime minister of Britain from 1940 to 1945 and then again from 1951 to 1955. Due to the dead of Soames, the auction started and lead to that event. It happened because of a donation they wanted to do, and earned way more than what was expected.
Parliamentary democracy.
Political System
This type of government originated in Britain.
with the greatest representation in the parliament forms the government.("Parliamentary democracy", 2015)

Conservative [David CAMERON]
Alliance Party (Northerm Ireland) [David FORD]
Democratic Unionist Party or DUP (Northern Ireland) [Peter ROBINSON]
Green Party of England and Wales or Greens [Natalie BENNETT]
Labor Party [Ed MILIBAND]
Liberal Democrats (Lib Dems) [Nick CLEGG]
Party of Wales (Plaid Cymru) [Leanne WOOD]
Respect Party [George GALLOWAY]
Scottish National Party or SNP [Nicola STURGEON]
Sinn Fein (Northern Ireland) [Gerry ADAMS]
Social Democratic and Labor Party or SDLP (Northern Ireland) [Alasdair MCDONNELL]
Ulster Unionist Party (Northern Ireland) [Mike NESBITT]
UK Independence Party or UKIP [Nigel FARAGE]
Green Party
Pirate Party
This party was formed in July 30rd
What this party wants is to make that the society and the education system be in
They worry about people making inviolable their dignity.
Its leader and candidate is
Loz Kayne.
("Direct Democracy: We want you in Charge", 2015).
British National Party
It was formed in
from the remnants of the old National Front.
Its founder was:
John Tyndall
Is a right political party.
Its candidate is:
Robert West.
This party is focused in opposing the
("The British National Party?", 2015).
Its leader is
Natalie Bennett
The candidates are:
Caroline Lucas, Darren Hall, Lesley Grahame.
("Our Key Campaigns", 2015).

This party was formed in
It's important to mention that this is an


regional party.
("Green Party of England and Wales", 2015).

Loz Kayne
Robert West
Natalie Bennett
Prime Minister is in charge of the UK government
Queen is the official Head of State.
Leader of the Labour party in England.
Former UKIP leader, and a top rated right-winger in a poll by The Daily Telegraph.
Deputy Prime Minister of the U.K. in 2010.
Australian-born British politician and journalist and leader of the Green Party of England and Wales.
Member of Parliament for Gordon and has been the chairman of the International Development Select Committee since 2005.
Hon David Cameron
Elizabeth II
Ed Miliband
Political People/Figures
Nigel Farage
Nick Clegg
Natalie Bennett
Malcolm Bruce
Immigration and Healthcare
Political Problems

Hundreds of thousands of
from Eastern European countries moved to
in 2008 during the global
economic crash
After several years of
they face accusations of sucking up welfare spending and
taking jobs
from British workers.
The number of
foreign-born residents
almost doubled between 1993 and 2011. There are almost
2 million
Britons living in other EU countries.
— wary of
losing voters
to UKIP—
to make a
People in

lower social classes
, including children, are
more likely to suffer
from infective and parasitic diseases, pneumonia, poisonings or violence. And adults from cancer, heart disease and respiratory disease.

Some possible explanations:
Poverty leads to
ill health
, through nutrition, housing and environment.
Differences in the
diet, fitness and
in certain
like smoking.
Inequalities in
access to health care
according to social class.
The problem
becomes what
'inverse care
; that those
people in the worst
health receive the
least services.
Freedom Index
The UK index of freedom is very high because their government exercises power well and evenly distributed also have a lot of
for their

The population have many obligations and rights, freedom index is the highest in Europe because the government offers many jobs and
for causes that make the crime go down and have a good government with good ideas.
State of War
Russian Ministry
of Defense (MoD) has declared a “state of war” – activating the
“Dead Hand”,
nuclear order issued to The Strategic Missile Forces (SMF).

The order came after it was discovered that the UK had nuclear warheads pointed towards Russia and were apparently preparing a first strike against military and civilian targets. ("Russia Declares State Of War With UK, Nuclear Orders Issued", 2015).

After talking about the
political system
, the different parties that exist in UK, the problems, the most important politicians and the freedom index it can be concluded that the governing system in the country
in relation with the education, economy and specially the freedom.
Also it can be seen that United Kingdom is very
in the political aspects because the government is doing its job well by putting its limits to the british population with
, but also by having a high
index. That's why crimes are very reduced and people are more free.
The British politicians should also do something to stop or reduce the percentage of migration and deaths due to unfair health care that gives preference to
social classes
Statistician Nate Silver says UK election could be 'messy'
This April 28 in UK, Nate Silver forecast the result of this May 7 elections will be completely a mess because of the messy number of seats that each party has. It is expected that Conservative Party would get 283 seats and the opposition Labour party would have 270. He expected the Scottish National Party to win 48 seats, the Liberal Democrats 24, Democratic Unionist Party eight, UK Independence Party one and others to get 16 seats. Conservative is the largest party, but Labour plus the SNP are more. Even then they are not a majority.
What could have caused it to happen is that every one has different opinions of each minister or maybe corruption has a participation in all those votes.
Nate Silver, who successfully forecast the result of the last two U.S. presidential elections, says UK election on May 7, 2015 could be 'messy'. He is important to be in the new because he is the one who estimates who will win the elections.
The theme of this new is the main political parties, already seen in this presentation and the ones who have more possibilities to win.
David Cameron: I feel bloody lively about election
This April 28, David Cameron told an audience at Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales of his determination to win what he described a “backbone election" trough showing his passionate feeling about the elections to people who were saying that his party was bored.
Conservative critics who described the party’s campaign as managerial and dull have caused it to happen because with those complains David answered in order to vote for his party that there were only 10 days left to protect hardworking families, who were the “magic ingredient” powering the economic recovery.
David Cameron, leader of the Conservative Party, launches the Conservatives’ small business manifesto in the City of London. He is trying to convince people vote for his party by showing his passion. He is important to be in the new because he is the prime minister of the Conservatives and it depends on him that people vote or not for him in the next elections.
Of what we have seen throughout all this presentation it is related with the theme of parties, specifically to the Conservative Party.
The fight to stop London becoming a city for the rich
Across London many hosing estates and its situation have been described as Gentrification,social cleansing and regeneration, as a result: working class and lower income families being pushed out of the capital.
Because of the estates being demolished to make way for luxury apartments, increasing rents, and families being stuck in temporary
or forced out of London altogether, it is little wonder that many of the campaigners say they feel disaffected by mainstream politics.
We think this could have happened because of the political class and how it is out of touch with how
people live, because it represents
and big business, and also people are having no
in any of the major political
due to all the issues they've had.
Important characters would be the people in the country which in this news it's more based in moms and their families. And the role they play is, people united for a
political system.
During the debate of the 2015 election
Natalie Bennett
, green party leader was given her turn to speak by David Dimbleby, the one that gave the word to the ones in the debate, and both Farage and Miliband kept talking which brought Natalie to the point were you are just not confident anymore because she didn't know if she was going to have her turn once more so she spoke up in a very secure way saying it was her turn and that was her way of saying it was her turn to speak and she was not going to let a couple of males drown her out".
"I'm not going to let a couple of males drown me out"
We think this could have happened because of the
in all of the political parties ad their different ideas towards the subject touched in the debate and also the security and superiority that Farage and Miliband thought they had because they thought that a
would not speak for herself and defend her turn.
The characters are
Natalie Bennett
Farage, Miliban
and the audience. Their role are the 2015
of the UK and the participants of the debate of this news and the audience who are the ones who
who is on top and share opinions.

economic situation.
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