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5.05H Age of Enlightment Oscars

No description

Destiny Johnson

on 20 January 2014

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Transcript of 5.05H Age of Enlightment Oscars

Introductory Speech
It's an honor to to announce this man's Enlightenment Oscar. He certainly deserves this award for all his hard work, determination, and amazing breakthroughs. Give it up for...
5.05H Age of Enlightenment Oscars!
John Locke!
Lasting Influences and Impacts
A few of John Locke's accomplishments include his idea of social contract, his influence on the Declaration of Independence and Constitution, and his idea of consciousness. He concluded that we have an empty mind at birth and develop through sensory experiences. His Second Treatise of Government was what influenced the creation of the Declaration of Independence. Another idea John Locke is known for is his religious tolerance. He believed that diversity wouldn't cause as much disorder as enforcing beliefs would.
John Locke's works have had a large influence on the world for centuries. His influence helped to create the Declaration and Constitution, therefore assisting in the development of democracy. This has impacted me because I live in a country that is ran by a democracy. John Locke was viewed as intellectual and insightful by his peers during his time, and still is today. So what he has to say made a large difference on the topic. With this said, religious tolerance such as we have now for the most part in America could be given some credit to him.
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