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Hero's Journey of Marlin from Finding Nemo

No description

erica turriziani

on 4 March 2011

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Transcript of Hero's Journey of Marlin from Finding Nemo

Hero's Journey of
Marlin from finding Nemo Marlin is known as the hero in the movie finding nemo. He is a very cautious fish, who is very over protective of his son Nemo. He
begins his journey in the safe world of the ocean, in his small ocean reef, which is his home. Marlin is forced on an adventure insearch nemo. Marlin got divided from his know boundary of the ocean reef to go chase after Nemo. When divers captured Nemo, Marlin was forced to go on the adventure after him. He went all through the ocean and even the human world in search of Nemo. He will do anything he needs to protect Nemo.Marlin takes the leap of faith and travels the ocean in search of his son Nemo. When Marlin takes the leap of faith he over comes what was his guardian. His guardian was anixety which is internal. His anxiety always confined him to what he knew was safe. Marlin not only has to deal with his anxiety, he also has many challenges he has to face along the way.The first challenge he has to face is mental. He has to face one of a fishes biggest fears
encounting a shark. Dory and him are sucessful in getting away from the shark. This experience changes him because he realizes others can help you along the way. Without Dory he would not have found the mask with the address to get to his son. Marlin and Dory not only encounter sharks they encounter a school of jellyfish. This challenges Marlin mentally because he has to come up with a way for them to get across the field of jellyfish with out Dory getting stung. After almost losing Dory, they are successful in getting through the jellyfish. Marlin learns through this challenge that he has to learn to trust others. Dory said to go in the trench instead of over like marlin wanted to. If Marlin had trust Dory they would not have encountered the jellyfishes. After they escaped the sharks, Marlin is faced with another challenge. He is faced with an Angel fish. This challenges him physically because he has to keep the light fish/angel fish occupied while trying not to get eaten. He has to learn to work with others and not always be independent. Dory and Marlin are successful in the task of having to work with each other to control the angle fish and read the address on the mask . Dory uses the light to read the address and Marlin controls the fish. Marlin doesn't take this journey all on his own he has a helper. Marlin's helper is Dory. Dory helps him through all of the challenges he is faced with along the way. Along his journey Marlin not only has a helper but a mentor . Crush is different then Dory, he is only able to give advice and guidance for a short period of time. Crush gives him advice and directions on how to get to his son. He also gives him parenting advice on when and how to let go of his son. Marlin has had tons of help along his journey. Marlin has to face an event on his own. He has to face the event of the whale. Marlin has the choice to go with his instincts or listen to Dory and be swallowed by the whale. The wrong choice could lead to death so Marlin has to choose carefully. Marlin decides to finally trust Dory and let the whale swallow him. He gets blown out of the whales blow hole as a completely different fish who now trusts others. After the rebirth of Marlin he becomes more relaxed, and less cautious of his surroundings. He now believes that others can actucally help you and you should trust them. After the rebirth of Marlin when he gets blown out of the whale a mental change takes place. He is more laid back and easy going. Marlin now believes in trusting others. You can tell he's changed after he gets blown out of the whale because he starts speaking whale. Yet before this happened he used to yell at Dory for speaking whale. Marlin has transformed for the better when he finally lets Nemo do what he is ready to do and does not hold him back anymore. When Marlin tells all the fish in the net to swim down to save themselves he becomes a hero. He is able to help the fish because he is not so uptight anymore. Marlin is now at one with himself because he is now more comfortable in his own skin and less worried about Nemo. He accepts the role of being a hero by letting go of Nemo and finally letting him grow up and do things like go to school. Marlin, Nemo, and Dory return back home to their safe home of the coral reef. They return to t their normal life. Not only does Marlin accept the fact the he is a hero the whole ocean knows about his adventure and the things he had to face. They all contuine to spread the story to show they believe that he is a true hero. Marlin gives the abstract gift of being calm and laid back and actucally becomes funny towards Nemo and the ocean community. Marlin also recieves the abstract gift of not being so uptight and being able to relax. The Gift: The return: Atonement: transformation: Revelation: Abyss Mentor: Helper: Challenge: Challenge Challenge: Guardian Threshold The call
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