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No description

Michelle Metza

on 16 March 2013

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Transcript of Suicide.

SUICIDE. Every year, over 1 million people die from suicide. Every 17 minutes, someone dies from suicide. There are about 4 male suicides for every female suicide. Close to 4,000 Canadians die each year from suicide. An average of 10 suicides a day. There are about four male suicides for every female suicide. Suicide is the second leading cause of death for young people aged 15-19. In 2005, 3,743 people in Canada died from suicide. 2,857 of those people were males... and 886 were females. The World Health Organization or the WHO is helping people become more aware of suicide and how to prevent it. Every tiny detail plays a big role when its someones life on the line. Self harm is for not a way of seeking attention... Its a cry for help. Make sure you listen... to the people who need it most... they might just have a whole different story... than what you've been judging them on.
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