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Chinchilla Powerpoint

No description

Tyler Pender

on 13 December 2012

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Transcript of Chinchilla Powerpoint

Chinchillas Characteristics: There are two species of Chinchillas
Both species of Chinchilla are endangered
Have incredible range of hearing
Dense fur keeps them warm in the cold weather
Extremely agile Adaptations: Fur: Adaptations: Ears: Thick fur keeps them warm in cold mountains of the Andes.
As a defense mechanism they have the ability to loose a large patch of fur if grabbed by a predator in order to try and escape. Blood: The red blood cells of a Chinchilla carry more oxygen than other rodents. This helps them cope with living in high altitude. Have a similar hearing range to humans, although since they have large ears their hearing is more sensitive than ours. Legs: Native Environment: Live in the Andes Mountains Can jump six feet into the air. Feet: Their feet are hairless and fleshy to allow for nibble climbing Live up to 12,000 feet high in the mountains Make homes in burrows or crevices. Live in Herds with up to 100 other Chinchillas Have been hunted for their fur since the 16th century Endangerment: A typical fur coat takes up to 150 pelts since Chinchillas are so small. It is illegal to hunt wild Chinchillas since they are endangered but they are still hunted illegally which continues their endangerment. Domesticated Chinchillas are still bred for this. Unique facts: Because of their thick fur, Chinchillas cannot get wet. If they get wet the water will not dry and the fur will get moldy causing problems for the Chinchilla. To bathe, Chinchillas take dust baths since they can't get wet. Their thick fur resists parasites, and reduce dander, which in turn makes Chinchillas hypoallergenic. Have a complex communication system in which they - grunt, chirp, squeal, and bark.
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