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Nguyen Tin Final Project

No description

Tin Nguyen

on 27 February 2015

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Transcript of Nguyen Tin Final Project

My Power Point Portfolio

Technology Final Project
Tin Nguyen
Block 7 Tech

What I learned in Technology for the past 12 weeks are how to type. I also learned how to use excel more. I learned on excel that you could make graphs out of the stuff you listed. You do it by highlighting the things you want into a graph then click insert. When you click insert look for the Recommened graph button. Click that and then choose your graphs. I also learned that you use the NUM pad to type in number information. I learned that WWW means World Wide Webs.
Internet Note, Definition
and etiquette
1. Do not write in caps because it looks like your YELLING.
2. If it is too good to be true it probably fake.
3. If you are being bully don't reply and tell and adult.
4. Honesty is the best policy.
5. Imagine what your parent is watching what you are doing.
6. You should not meet someone you met online.
Memory- Uses the memory to constantly store information temporarily.
Power Supply- Power supplies for the computer to motherboard and drives.
Video card- This is used to display images to your screen.
Sound card- This is used to allow you to hear from your computer speaker.
Case fan- Used to keep your computer cool.
Microprocessor- The brain of the Computer.
Motherboard- Makes your computer faster the "buses" you have.
USB port- Allows you to connect mouses, printer, and other accessories.
Hard Drives- Used for permanent information.
Reliable Websites
Some reliable websites has the URL .edu or .gov. URL stands for uniform rescource locator. the URL edu means education, the URL gov means goverment. These websites are usally for education or the goverment have accepted the website. Other URLS are com and org. They are comercial and orginization.
Slash -
At @
Backword slash \
Forward slash /
Underscore _
Paint, Word Art and Clip Art
1.Paint is useful because you can use a varity of items to help you make your art
2. Wort Art is art that you find on the internet, you need to put a link for each image you put in.
3. Clip art is art that you find from the program that the PowerPoint or any microsoft windos.
Folders Files and Meaningful names
You should have meaningful names to your for your folders/files because it is always useful to know what your files is about. It also save you time from looking at all the files to know which one it is.
How to set up a folder:
1. Right click your background
2. Find "New"
3. Click "New" and find New Folder
4. Click that and Voila you have a folder
Guidelines for Typing a paper
1. Use a good font(arial, Calibri, Time New Roman)
2. Have 12 point font




4. Make sure to save from time to time
5. Have double spaced line
These are 3 project that I picked
The requirment was to make a AD for your favorite book, use paint to copy a drawing and make AD for your dream trip. I chose these 3 because it was my favorite out of all the others. I learnt from the paint project to make very easy stuff from just useing the tool bar. From the dream trip and the Book AD project I learnt how to insert clip art and word art. I also learnt how to make tables and coustimize the word project more.
What i still want to learn is how to program computer and I want to learn to use more microsoft softwares. I also want to learn how to make my own game and program it for people to play multi-player. This are the few things I want to learn.
For teaching me more about technology
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