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Sports and Technology

No description

Dylan Lynch

on 7 February 2014

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Transcript of Sports and Technology

Sports and Technology
Social Media making sports more personal
-Pregame, In-game, Postgame

-"Friends" with athletes
Technology used in training/rehabilitation
-Technological advances in medicine/training
Watching on T.V. vs. Going to the Game
-In recent years, replays have become more and more prevalent in professional and collegiate sports

Hawk-Eye Technology
Replays in Baseball
-Behind the curve
-Controversial calls
Pirates vs. Braves
July 26, 2011
-Home Plate Umpire Jerry Meals
Your Turn

-Armando Gallaraga vs. Jim Joyce

Expanded Replay
-Baseball's rule changes
-Limitations that remain
-Positive outcomes

10 Cameras
Takes 5 seconds
3.6mm accuracy
Reasons to watch on TV:
-Instant Replay/High definition
-Multiple games at once
Reasons to go to the game
-Experience of being there
3 incorrect challenges per set
30% of calls overturned on average
How does it work?
2D (x,y)
3D (x,y,z)
4D (x,y,z,t)
Bounce Mark
Other uses
Player Tracking
Movement info to improve players game
Info processed and made user friendly within seconds
How stadiums are trying to draw fans
-More/bigger screens
-Free Wifi
Levi's Stadium

-Located in Santa Clara, CA
-Opening for 2014-2015 season
-Ultimate "fan experience"
Technological evolution of tennis
-Adrian Peterson
-Nike+ Basketball
1870-1960 Rackets remained wooden and similar
1975 - Howard Head made Prince Classic
1981 - last U.S. open to be won with wooden racket

Your Turn
Roger Federer Vs Rafael Nadal
Concluding Remarks
Jay Bowlby, Peter Burt, Dylan Lynch
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