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Brand identity & Positioning

No description

Elle vW

on 16 March 2014

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Transcript of Brand identity & Positioning

Brand Positioning

Herrmann, A., & Huber, F. (2000)
Old-school KLM advertisement
KLM's Current Positioning
KLM 'Wereld deal weken'
Make your own matrix!
Jowitt, H., & Lury, G. (2012)
Is it time to reposition positioning?
What is wrong with the traditional brand positioning models
‘’One brand, one product’’

Positioning is proposition development
Consumer is king
no differentiation
consumer doesn’t always know best
ignores internal stakeholders

The long term alternative
The two-part framework
Separation of philosophy and go-to-market propositions
Fundamental beliefs and principles
Brand personality, attitude and culture

A brand can have multiple propositions across products and services, without changing the philosophy

Customer is king
‘’Two years ago we started a ‘customer journey’. Since then, at the
heart of all innovations that have been introduced is ‘customer experience
- Joris Holtus, Director Product Strategy at KLM Royal Dutch Airlines, 2011 -
Value-oriented brand positioning.
- the place a product occupies in a given market

Means-end theory
- an individual forms a conception of the suitability of the commodity (unspecified product) in question (means) for fulfilling a specific want (end)
Attributes, Utility components and Individual values
The Competition
Virgin America - fun
Air New Zealand - Ambassadors of New Zealand
Difference between competitors?
These commercials are brand oriented, and KLM is customer oriented!

Which is more effective,
and why?
Brand oriented or customer oriented?
Thank you for flying KLM
Any questions?
Welcome to our presentation
Kinyi, Miguel, Mariëtte, Sara & Eleanor
Article 1: Herrmann, A., & Huber, F. (2000)
Video 1
Current Positioning KLM
Video 2
Article 2: Jowitt, H., & Lury, G. (2012)
Video 3 & 4
Full transcript