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Georgia O'Keeffe

No description

Hailey Burnett

on 17 February 2015

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Transcript of Georgia O'Keeffe

Georgia O'Keeffe
By: Hailey Burnett
Georgia O'Keeffe Biography
- O'Keeffe was born November 15, 1887 near Sun Prairie, Wisconsin
-She died March 6, 1986 at St. Vincent's Hospital in Santa Fe, New Mexico.
- O'Keeffe usually paints most of her artwork
Biography Cont.
- O'Keeffe used oil and water color paints on her artwork
- American Modernism was the period of art O'Keeffe did
American Modernism:
Similar to modernism in general, that is a trend of thought that states the power of human beings to create, improve, and reshape their environment.
Interesting Information on Georgia O'Keeffe
" I found i could say things with color and shapes that I couldn't say any other way - things I had no words for."
Georgia O'Keeffe
- O'Keeffe made over 200 flower paintings.
- O'Keeffe was awarded the National Medal of Arts by President Ronald Reagan in 1985.
- By the age of 10 O'Keeffe knew she wanted to be an artist.
- O'keeffe was 98 when she died.
Max Weber and Georgia O'Keeffe were both American Modernism artists who were immigrants who adopted the American way. However, Georgia painted flowers whereas Max painted more people.
" I hate flowers - i paint them because they're cheaper than models and they don't move."
Georgia O'Keeffe
the Blue Morning Glories
Biography Resources:
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This painting was done in 1935 in oil on canvas it's located in a museum. It is 36X30 inches .
Petunia No. 2
This painting was done in oil on canvas in 1924, this panting is 36X30 inches and is located in a museum.
The Pink Tulip
This painting was panted in 1926 on canvas in oil, this is a 36X30 inch image that is located in a museum.
Final Piece
The subject matter of the painting is Petunia's. The Genres of this painting is landscape, because it is a painting of a petunia. This is a realistic painting done by Georgia O'Keeffe, because it is a painting of an acutal flower. O'Keeffe used the color scheme of light and dark colors. I think she chose the colors she did because it gives meaning and life to her art work by showing the simple life and color of a little petunia. The colors used are mixed to show emotion and feeling as well as allowing those who view the painting to have their own interpretations of the painting. The formal elements of this painting is very realistic and you definatly know what Georgia was painting. This artwork givs me peace and shows natures beauty. My favorite part of this artwork is the detail and blending of the colors.

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