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Persuasive Writing

No description

Paul Cecil

on 9 April 2013

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Transcript of Persuasive Writing

Do what the Pro's do... A
E Persuasive Writing Small isolated school Year 5 3 classes:
k/1 - 15
1/2/3 - 14
4/5/6 - 18 3 Classes
47 kids K/1 = 14 4/5/6 = 18 1/2/3 = 15 Burren
Breakdown - 8 BOYS!! - Ability Range 8 BOYS! Ability Range The pen being a weapon The pen as a pointless implement. Strategy 1 Strategy 2 Structure (cc) image by nuonsolarteam on Flickr PROBLEM Task:
Write a limerick. Write what the Pro's write! Horses v.s Motorbikes Machines v.s Nature Clip - clop or Vroom Horses Motorbikes 1st Go Horses: Death on 4 legs Motorbikes: Dream Living Horses: Hell on earth... Bikes: Metallic Monsters Motorbikes:
Technological Brilliance 2nd Go - All over the world... - I truly believe, without a doubt in my mind, that.... - Who would have ever thought that.. - I truly believe that..... because ARG 1, ARG2 and ARG3. Stolen... My
Process Students
write own
attempt Analyse
"Professional Pieces" Create
Scaffold Edit
attempts Strategy 3 Avoid wandering and wasting - Structure! Analyse
Pieces Structure
and Steal Integrate
Devices - Broad statement
- Your position
- Rhetorical Question
- Introduce Your
Arguments 2002 March (cc) image by jantik on Flickr 2/3 Exposition Map Target of
Weapon To change minds,
ideas and opinions. Title Topic: .........
Should be able to see your opinion Story Adjectives: Modality
Rip the hearts out of
the reader P1 P2 Intro All over the world...
I strongly believe, without a doubt in my mind, that
Rhetorical Question
I truly believe that ..... because ARG1, ARG2 and ARG3. Arg 1 P3 To start with, and most importantly,
In the majority of cases, this can be seen
Yet it seems... Arg 2 Another valid reason why
It is indisputable that
It is interesting to note
The thought that..... is (3) negatives. Arg 3 Finally, it is commonly thought that
This well known idea is proven
It is essential you understand that
For example, Con. P4 P5 P6 All in all....
Restate you position.
Leave with a bang! OHH! How
PERSUASIVE Analyse the
pieces' Structure
and Steal Real Life
Examples Real Life
Examples Audience 0-6
Text Structure 0-4
Ideas 0-5
Persuasive Devices 0-4
Vocabulary 0-5
Cohesion 0-4
Paragraphing 0-3
Sentence Structure 0-6
Punctuation 0 -5
Spelling 0-6 How did BJPS achieve
writing success?
- Writing = Make the pen a weapon so they WANT to
= Steal from the pro's
= Structure, structure, structure!
= Be explicit and expect 'AMAZING'.
= Use Naplan criteria to set your map.
= Never 'give' them an answer...
= Let them loose!!!
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