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History of FIFA Video Game

No description

Kyle Johnson

on 29 May 2014

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Transcript of History of FIFA Video Game

First FIFA game to feature real time 3D graphics
By Kyle Johnson
FIFA 98 Road To The World Cup
For the first time the player could change the strictness of the referee
The beginnings
The FIFA video game series began in late 1993
Used same engine as FIFA 94 with only minor retouches
History of FIFA Video Game
The FIFA video game is created by EA sports
One thing the FIFA video game was known for is being the first game with an Official FIFA license
The first FIFA game
It was called FIFA International Soccer
Known for having the first official license
Unlike other soccer games at the time it had and isometric view
Added 200 more club teams
Now allowed you to save up to four games in the cartridge
A new penalty shootout practice mode was added
The commentary was revolutionary at the time
First time the Game included players names and positions
Had 11 leagues and 59 international teams
The Main change was that it added a 6-a-side indoor soccer mode and practice possibilities
Player moves were copied by motion blending technology
The offside penalty was now correctly used because they used to call a player offside even if the pass was backwards
A huge graphical improvement over FIFA 98
They got rid of indoor mode
It improved kits (jersey shorts etc.)
FIFA 2000
Included 40 classic teams so you could play as retired players
Game received mixed reviews because of its cartoon-like graphics
Used a sol campbell motion capturing device
FIFA 2001
Had a new graphics engine
The new graphics engine allowed each individual team to have its own detailed kit
First game to have some teams have its official club emblem
Could intentionally foul another player by pressing a button
Had a power bar when shooting
FIFA 2002
Power bars for passes introduced
Many more club emblems for european teams
Player could customize the power bar
FIFA 2003
EA revamped outdated DirectX 7 graphics
Hole halftime "show" was added
First game to use EA trax an exclusive music menu
FIFA 2004
A new game play feature called "Off The Ball" was introduced
With this new feature players could simultaneously control two players
Players could now use secondary leagues and bring the up to the top leagues and competitions
FIFA 2005
EA released this game much earlier than other games to get a head start over other soccer games
In this game create a player mode is now back
This game gives the player the ability to preform real life tricks and passes
Fist version to have a complete Mexican league
FIFA 2006
Has a complete overhaul of the engine claiming to give an increase in control of play and rewrite more than half the games code
recently added "off the ball" game play was taken out
A classic team was put in consisting of a bunch of legends
Also a world team consisting of current superstars
FIFA 2007
Able to create custom teams using "interactive leagues"
Xbox 360 uses a completely new engine created from scratch for the system
FIFA 2008
Introduced "be a pro mode" which the player could control one player
Doesn't have a version for the original xbox
First version to come out on WII
FIFA 2009
Has a revamped collision system
Has the option for online 10 versus 10 be a pro
Has a new feature called "Adidas live season" which creates players stats in a certain league based on his form in real life
FIFA 2010
Has 360 degrees player control
Has an assistant manager in manager mode
FIFA 2011
Ability to play as a goalkeeper was added
Instead of calling it manager mode the changed it to career mode were you could play as a player or manager
FIFA 2012
Many many many consoles had FIFA 2012 and ones that had it but didn't have all the modes now did
FIFA 2013
360 dribbling ability making players more dangerous in 1v1 situations
When a player is taking a first touch it is no longer perfect unlike other games
FIFA 2014
Has a new engine (ignite) that gets not only better graphics but things like true player motion, and human intelligence
Thanks for Watching
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