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Reinventing the Wheel at the Apex Door Company

MGMT 642 - Case Study Chapter 8 - Human Resource Management

Hung Son Bui Nguyen

on 22 October 2012

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Transcript of Reinventing the Wheel at the Apex Door Company

Reinventing the Wheel at Apex Door Company SUMMARY Jim Delaney, the president of the company
His employees prefer doing the tasks in their own ways
The company also had problems with the training process because the workers always failed to meet the job specification
Also they have overlapped training period and some of the training are outdated
Besides, training process is homogenized 3 MAIN PROBLEMS 1. Training Process
2. Employer's Problems
3. Employee's Problems SOLUTIONS 1. Training Process
2. Employer's solutions
3. Employees' solutions Employer's Solutions To improve the training process and revise training the system
Preliminary info
Monitor and feedback system
Programs more task-relevant
Align the training with strategic goals
More direct first-hand info from employees regular meetings, normal retreat, critical incident diary, work log
Involve the employees into decision-making process Employees' Solutions Design some motivational programs
Pay for performance
Intrinsic and Extrinsic Reward Solutions for Trainers Provide "Train the Trainers" Course
Build up the trainers team Solutions for Training program Define the training objectives
Work out for the training budgets
Prepare master training plan
Improve the training contents
Induction Program
Develop some training forms for data record Employer's Problems low-quality and insufficient downward communication
Lack of proper human resources managing skills OUTLINE
Key Problems
Solutions 1. Problems with Training process Training Needs Analysis
Training Program - Contents
Trainers Problems in Training Needs Analysis Lack of data collection during conducting training needs analysis Problems in Training Program out-of-date contents
overlapped training schedules
same training courses for different departments
no reinforcement training method
lack of master training plan Problems of Trainers inexperienced trainers Employees' problems Lack of motivation
Qualification of employees Solutions of Training Needs Analysis extended the sources of data such as internal and external sources Employer's solutions Help employees understand the company’s strategy, vision and long-term mission
Build cohesiveness
Response system for employees
Proper motivational method THANKS FOR LISTENING REINVENTING THE WHEEL AT APEX DOOR COMPANY Case Study Chapter 8 - Training and Development Hung Son Bui Nguyen
Yuzhong Chen
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