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Thang Kima

on 11 August 2013

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Transcript of Untitled Prezi

The United States Should Expand Offshore Oil Drilling
Why Need Expansion of Offshore drilling
High Demand
Who Favors Expansion for Offshore Oil Drilling ?
To Lower Gas Price at Pump
To help boost the economics
To be oil independent nation
To accelerate employment rate
U.S. Consumes around 25% of the world's annual total production of oil
Where to Expand
Around 4,000 platforms operate in the U.S. federal waters in the Gulf of Mexico, primarily off the coastlines of Louisiana and Texas, and off the coast of Alaska.

According to the Energy Information Agency, they produce approximately 565 million barrels of oil per year.

US offshore oil production of 565 million barrels per year equates to roughly 1.5 million barrels per day (30% of total US oil production); contrast that figure with U.S. current oil consumption of 21 million barrels per day.
Consumption and Production of oil by the U.S.
Proven recoverable oil availability
The impacts of offshore drilling and the risks
Oil spills can kill marine mammals, and can destroy surrounding nature and other animals
Oil spills can also destroy the business of coastal communities
The activities of offshore drilling can ruin surrounding areas and it can degrade the quality of the waters.
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