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Laws against bullying

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Alex Padgett

on 22 October 2013

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Transcript of Laws against bullying

Laws against bullying
1864 - 13Th amendment
In 1864 the 13th amendment got ratified
It outlawed slavery and gave some rights to African Americans.
1976 - Safe School Climate Act
In 1976 a law was passed called a "Safe School Climate Act"
This Act prevented harassment, discrimination, or bullying.
13th amendment


1999-Anti bullying law
In 1999 Georgia passed a law that prevented bullying in any way form or fashion.
It was to have the Department of education to make a model policy to help start an anti bullying process.
Georgia congress meeting.
Arkansas Cyber bullying-2011
Cyber bullying is also a Class B misdemeanor.
This law applies to students on or off campus and it prevents the use of electronics in school.
A victim of cyber bullying.
A town in Wisconsin passed a law that fined parents for their child for bullying
The amount of the fine is 100$ for verbal, physical attack, electronic, or notes.
This will require Wisconsin's Department of Education to develop a policy to be able to fine these parent for there kids actions.
The governor of Kansas has informed all schools to create a district policy.
This law is called "Loren's Law".
The Department of Education has developed a watch system.
This system looks over the school by sending administrators to study the action of students there.
North Carolina-2013
All schools in North Carolina has developed a policy that helps kids report bullying making it easier to stop.
This law was sent to the Department of Education to have them read over it and enforce it and put into action.
The law has no official name yet.
Loren the law was named after her because she was bullied as a child now she is a head teacher in her school in Kansas.
Entitled the protection of all workers at the work place.
It stopped boss bullying and peers bullying in the work place.
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