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Duane Pearsall ; The Smoke Detector


Tervont Johnson

on 20 September 2013

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Transcript of Duane Pearsall ; The Smoke Detector

Duane Pearsall
Life Saver?
What did he invent?
Duane Pearsall invented the modern day battery powered smoke detector.
Who was Duane's assistant?
Stanley Bennett is also credited for assisting Mr. Pearsall in inventing the smoke detector.
When did all of this come about?
1965: The battery powered smoke detector was invented.
Early 1970's smoke detectors were sold for home and commercial use.
What does the smoke detector do?
The smoke detector makes an alarm sound when smoke is sensored.
Why should you have a smoke detector?
Where should you put them in your house?
How often should you test your smoke detector?
How does the smoke detector impact society?
One on every level, and near sleeping areas.
It is a good idea to check your smoke detectors once a month or more.
The smoke detector has saved many lives and homes.
Why did the smoke detector come about?
The smoke detector was actually invented by accident. Duane was playing around with ions and when his mistress was smoking a cigarette he found erratic reactions, thus inventing the smoke detector.
Who survives Duane today?
When did Duane Die?
Where was Duane from?
His wife Marge, 4 children, 7 grandchildren, and 2 great grandchildren.
Duane died recently, April 11th,
2010 to be exact. He died of
Alzheimer's Disease.
Good information about smoke detectors. Your
videos were good and I liked your use of drawings. You
forgot to site your source though. That cost you a few points.
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