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مخيم طالبات كليّة الطب

٣ أيام من المرح و المتعة و الفائدة .. نقضيها سويّة في تجربة هي الأولى من نوعها على مستوى لجنة الطب البشري/ الطالبات

Sura Al-Faris

on 15 June 2013

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Transcript of مخيم طالبات كليّة الطب

نشاطات ات
** From 9-12 o'clock at SOS center in Irbid
** you will go directly to SOS center
or if you don't know where it is there will be girls waiting for in in mojamma3 Amman at 8:45 to go together,,,
** we will separate into groups of two girls to every house in the SOS center
** SOS center has 12 houses each one has 6-9 children
** From 9-11
** at the SOS houses
** every group will do a type of
sweets or cake in that house
with the children :D
** you choose what type of sweet you want to do ...
** you are responsible to bring the ingredient that you need with you except the basic ingredient like
sugar, flour,oil that are in every house....
1st job of Volunteering at SOS
** from 11-12
** every group will have 2 types of flowers to plant them in the house garden
** we will bring the plants for you,,,
** fee's : 1 JD for the plants

by this our day will be finished and we will
go back home :D :D
2nd job of volunteering at SOS
** From 10 to 2 o'clock
** In markez Othman Ben Affan (near al Sheikh Khalil compound, near Dowwar al Jamal)
** To spend a nice day way with Holy Qra'n and other Islamic activities
** we will have our light lunch at the center
** fees for lunch is 1 JD
** at 2 o'clock our Islamic day will be finished to go back home :D :D

the 2nd day: Monday 17-6
ص** at 7:30 am we all should meet at mojamma3 Amman'
** this is a special day you are going to spend with a child from an orphan center
>>>from " jam3eyyt al markez al islame le re3ayt al aytam"
** each girl will spend her day with a girl of the orphans
** the day will include : a visit to childrens' museum at Amman
and other places there
** take lunch that we bring from our houses :D
** fee's : 20 JD for ((you and the child)) including every thing breakfast , bus fees, entrance fees for museum ... Etc
the first day: Sunday 16-6
3rd day: Wednesday 19-6
The journey
Our Camp ^_^
Stay excited for drawing a smile on all these children faces Inshallah :)

We wish that you will enjoy this event with us ,,
See you there ! :D
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