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Codes & Conventions of Crime Drama Genre

Looking at the codes of crime drama genre partially looking at mafia/gangster/mobster/heist type of crime drama

Jordan Reynolds

on 26 September 2012

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Transcript of Codes & Conventions of Crime Drama Genre

Looking at Organised Crime and Heist Codes and Conventions of
Crime Drama Genre Crime Drama covers a vast amount of films which can be distinguished into a range of sub genres. The sub Genres that I will be looking at is Mob films, Heist films and crime comedies. What Sub Genre of Crime Drama? Looking at the techincal codes and conventions

First of in most crime films recenetly espesically is the use of a long shot, scenes that last for a long time with cutting examples of this can be seen in films such as Reservoir Dogs, Pulp Fiction and Goodfellas . Codes and Conventions Technical Typically in terms of costume in Crime films looking at the Mafia/Gangsters/Mobsters the inital thought is that they wear suits. The suit has a number of connotations that comes from it. In this case it gives the impression of professionalism and power Symbolic Guns are a important prop in these films. Having a gun increases the idea of power and recklessness. They tend to have hand guns rather than rifles. There hand guns will either be kept in their hoslter or their waist bound of the trouser. There success is measured with there material goods. The suits comes under that aswell. Other material goods include cars, houses and even women. Jordan Reynolds Written & Audio The story and plot of these films have very strong conventions, depending on the sub genres. With heist films it focuses on a theft however it will always have its problems. Sometimes they go wrong and the audience watch them deal with it or a number of different characters are involved with the same theft and follows the stories of the indivisulas and their stories will come togeather. There is always alot of black humor in these types of films and light humor that breaks the tension of the film and reveals a side of the characters that makes them more like-able to the audience. Looking at Mob films as a genre it tends to be set in America and tells the story of Italian Americans. Italian Americans are the main focus of all mob films because its apart of there histroy. The mafia orginates from Italia however Italians would go to America, its about the persuit of the American dream Soundtracks of this genre tend to be very good, most of these sub genres will have songs that relate to what is going on in the scene or whatever is cool and suits the scene. The Sopranos, Goodfellas, Snatch, Lock Stock & Two Smoking Barrels etc. all have amazing soundtracks.
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